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Ann Magoon

Several writers have documented that the present Royal Family is a hoax, that Queen Elizabeth and her family are not the real royal family. If this is true, where does that leave the above story?

Account Deleted

My view 2014 and beyond.

Every creation is 'inseparable' from the whole a.k.a. Christ, Christos, Consciousness, God, Fundamental Electromagnetic Quantum Energy [Light], the only true Power to bring our freewill choices positive and negative into physical reality.

This suggests that harmlessness [Christ] and harm [anti-Christ] are two sides of one freewill choice resident in every human being, and the Christ return is 'in' not outside us; coinciding with Hopi prophecy, which says 'we' are the ones we are waiting for.

Any belief in separation [spirit separate from matter, humans separate from one another, Earth, other Kingdoms], dis-empowers us. Unity consensus [putting aside our differences for greater good and cooperating] raise our own, and collective consciousness, empowering solutions to preserve our species, Earth, and advance our body-mind-spirit in a coherent new world age cycle coming toward us.

To end toxic leadership, crimes against humanity and our home planet, require each of us to expand awareness, tame emotions, shift from negative to positive thoughts, actions, feelings, and cooperate with one another to make it so.

The Royal Family is to be granted absolute protection from public scrutiny in a controversial legal reform designed to draw a veil of secrecy over the affairs of the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/royal-family-granted-new-right-of-secrecy-2179148.html

Silence is permission.

Randy Maugans

Technically, there is no "the" antichrist in The Book o Revelation. It is a confabulation based on numerous textual references, notably in the letters of 1John and 2John. There are two figures cited in Revelation, The Beast and the False Prophet which are seen as metaphorical figures of state and church.

The closest you can get is Abaddon/Apollyon in Revelation 9:11, also known as an angelic force called "The Destroyer". It may have a corollary to Azazel, one of the Fallen Angels, seen in Leviticus 16 and in The Book of Enoch. Azazel fits into the legends of the Annunaki and the fall of man; the sons of God who who sex with human females and spawned the Nephillim. ("As it was in the days of Noah...").

I like Peter Kling's work, and intend no argument, but the pitfalls of literal Biblical prophecy are many. Speculation on "The" antichrist go back many centuries and usually involved Popes, historical figures like Napolean; in recent times speculation has been on UN Secretary General, Boutros Ghali, Pope John Paul II---and Prince Charles, Prince Willy's dad. I would resist such choices as too clever by half. Prince Willy has his face all over the Tabloids...he is warm and fuzzy...something like an Annunaki horde led by Azazel fit much better into an Exo-political perspective.

Gary Marshall

This all seems a bit far fetched to me. It is just a picture of a young guy holding a lamb for a photo shoot.You have to grab their hind leg to stop them running off.


What a Farce.... People who have nothing else to do as far as I am Concerned... If he is what thay Say I will Lay with the Lamb and the Lion.


...Are the people of Earth going to give away their power again for a short time {bad move!} like they did during the time of the reign of the Annunaki & the various Egyptian dynasties? Or, are the people of Earth going to smarten up and say, NO. Not this time. Earth, this is our planet. This particular group of ETs, so called 'demi-gods', or any other self serving ones like them, go find something else to do with your time... somewhere else. Leave Earth humans alone. Earth people have the freedom, sovereign right... and the power to say this.


NOT gonna happen! These ruling elites are being given the option of either shape up or be shipped out. THEY ARE NOT HUMAN ! And THEY will NOT be ruling this planet, which is to be SOONER than you think! Their days are numbered - (quite frankly, I've had an absolute guts full of THEM!), and they will be ousted out the backdoor, ie. Arrested and sent to jail preferably on another planet in another galaxy, far, far away to the furthermost outreaches of this universe and quarantined,(you see they can play their little games there, on each other)

And don't think this will fall by the way-side either. This bit of paper that you see on youtube, these words, are very important, for the sake of all humanity We Must Help To MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Aria (Arihia) Ngarnoa

They are signing the Magna Carta in 2015 to celebrate and use the family seal to say their English Law is within 800 countries. The Human Rights address this event as a Human Bond. Human Rights are treated like Priest and you cant take them to court or you will be prosecuted. I told them I discovered a hidden wireless bioengineered eye with 2way footage and operator capability and have proof.The Human Rights said I should seek Medical Health from a psychiatrist. I said the operator has been using my footage to blackmail clients. Time will only tell.

Ronald Quesada

Yeah well..nice picture..
Personally I keep myself skeptical, the world is far more complicated than that. If it happens to be true, there's nothing we can do about it. Don't you think?? So if the little prince goes up in the polls..higher than normal..Run to the hills as fast as you can and never turn back...Good luck to you guys!
P.S. I like the religion anihilation part anyway.. They keep stealing money from people so let it happen please..

James Von chillen

What the trick is wrong with you? You really believe a little country like England could rule the world ?.. I am not holding my breath until then

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