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Not Buyingit

Just remember that Michael Wolf with his "Catchers of Heaven" book fooled people for years. He had all the answers as well and created an entire fictional life full of supposed government and ET involvement. So how much turned out to be true? Well his first name was Michael, I'll give him that. For a lesson on people with wild claims, see the interview with his brother at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpU871OA4WY


The well known names (could be) working for the counter intelligence. And I have the feeling most of the well known names are employees from the NSA, CIA, FBI etc. and infiltrated the exopolitics community several decades ago. So in other words when a “disclosure petition” is there in actually it’s the government asking the government…! The clandestine group responsible managing all what’s about E.T. are the well known names in the exopolitics community. Good luck!


This back and forth won't help with anyone's vibration.

Everyone has their place is this drama. The key is not to get too entangled in it that you end up dropping in vibration.

Take a step back and realize whichever "team" either is playing for, it doesn't matter. They are neither wrong or right. Those are just labels. And really, life is too short to fight over such things.

Be well everyone, and remember we need to remain lovingly detached from our experiences. If we fight, it will just be harder as the higher frequencies hit our dimension.

Love to all in these amazing times!

Another government disinformation agent

Conmen bent on shilling a book later this year. Way to capitalize on an election year by jumping on the obama hate-wagon.

Riddle me this Andy:

Why only in an election year have you started talking about Obama on Mars?

why no mention of him in 2008,2009,2010 in your "evidence" you fabricated not he mars site that has no new information?

Answer: because he will claim he just remembered that Obama was on Mars, He will claim that me and anyone else is a government disinformation agent feeding into the paranoia of his already gullible fan base. Its predictable and its pure marketing at its finest.

Just wait he will be telling you about his 3 independent source. (note to Andy and Alfred: 3 people that work together on a project are not independent of each other).

Jennifer Van Bergen

Andrew interviewed me probably almost a decade ago. I can attest to the fact that he does his research honestly and straight-forwardly. Some of his questions were leading ones, which tends to put thoughts and answers into people's minds and mouths. Being a survivor of TBMC myself (although I still don't know why or whether it was for an MC program or just coincidental) and having done a lot of research on such programs, as well as having met many people involved in these issues, including other survivors and handler/programmers, I have no doubt that Andrew is what he says he is.

valerie brooks

Salla: "I think you are, without knowing it, still in a program where you are downloaded information to disseminate to others for an undisclosed agenda". Salla could be in such a program himself AND not know it, furthermore the "I think" is another issue, not a known fact. It's good to express yourself, right now, I tend to believe Basiago. Both of these guys seem sincere, and those downloaded programs in people's brains need more than an "I think" I want some serious examples. Those programs to download would be some terribly high tech and anyone would have them all over the world now. There would be tons of examples, anyone know where they are?

Not on anyone's "side"

Attn gatekeeper: Stop removing this TRUE comment that's been published everywhere else in the UFO "community". You cannot suppress the truth - it's already "out there".

False statement: Basiago: "Alfred has supported many people with different allegations and experiences and unlike you hasn't superimposed a misinformed judgment over them."

Truth: ANYONE who disagrees with Alf gets called "cointelpro" or "CIA agent" and so forth. It's been publicly recognized elsewhere and in several locations world wide by hundreds of readers. What the fully aware see here are several confused beings all equally expressing their truly confused and typically human limited perspectives before a galactic response to 10,500 years of the same old cyclical problem.

Thank-you all for making this year's decision so very easy to conclude.

PS: Obama is no "savior" - he is the NDAA "King" of the NWO, which every awakened human being knows by now. So much for "Superman" and his "Non-terrestrial officers" (Project Paperclip Area 51 Nazis exposed by Gary McKinnon)

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Michael - You will take any excuse to avoid responsibility for your actions and blow smoke in people's eyes.

We were very clear on Facebook as to a 3rd eye witness. Andy stated: "Andrew D. Basiago
"My claim that Barack Obama (then known as "Barry Soetoro") was in the jump room program in the early 1980's that included myself, William B. Stillings, and Regina E. Dugan will soon be corroborated by a third participant. The new whistle blower was a US intelligence community investigator tasked with determining whether the jump room was accessing Mars in real time or some other domain in the time-space continuum." Jan. 14, 2012. Start doing your Mars homework and stop debunking Mars research. In Light, Alfred ;-)

Michael Salla

Alfred, again you make a misleading statement. I did NOT write a letter to Basiago. I was in a private three way facebook conversation with you and Andy to discuss my original comment regarding how you misrepresented the number of witnesses to come forward on the Obama/Mars claim. Without my permission, you/Andy chose to circulate one of my comments, and call it a letter. It seems you are intent on creating a storm in teacup over my calling you out on misrepresenting how many witnesses have come forward on the Mars/Obama claim. Serious researchers welcome close scrutiny over claims and evidence. Those engaged in a deception do not which does raise some big questions over Basiago's claims regarding Mars .

Cooperative Enlightened Living

Hot Damn Go Andrew! We deserve the truth and nothing less. We are sovereign beings who deserve to be treated as such. They're not many things that impress me but this interview did. Bravo.


Nicely put, Andy.



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