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Gary Larrabee

Dear Mr. Weber,
My Life changed due to some spiritual experiences beginning 1978. True science and true spirituality based on deep study of deep truths in scripture are come into total agreememt of real truth. I now have a life mission that will bring millions of people together when funding allows the elimination of poverty world wide.
I'm asking you to look this information over at the web page below and consider being of assistance in this project. I would not be sending this message if I did not believe funding is imminent. Your international knowledge, legal training and great wisdom is needed.
God Bless you,
Gary Larrabee


I know deep inside that this is a multidimensional reality. I have had dreams where I was visited by multidimensional travelers, and an old man stayed for a week or so to teach me a few things. I had a dream where 3 children would make portals and travel though thm to other places, the younger boy going through first to hold it open for the other two. I know this is true, and I am sometimes aware of other multidimensional selves and what their life is like and how their world is different. it's like, back in time, just one little thing is different and it made other things different as time progressed. Or sometimes the shape of the land is different but I recognize it as a place similar in my reality.
I think the severity of this shift has to do with our, as humans, ability to receive and adapt with psychic knowledge and spiritual frequencys - that we are bombarded with solar waves of etheric knowing. I suppose I have an apocopliptic vision of our future, change is coming, I can feel it. But it is the physical changes to our energy field that we have to prepare for. Envision ourselves connected to an energy field around the earth, and envision it as whole and healed. We will make it through this exhilarating experience, the more open we are the less severe it will be.
The rose grows from someone's old shit right?

Bernard Mendez

Opinion, Commentary, Speculation: The supreme court building and the White House building are similiar buildings but different in a place or area they are made partially made of plastic and are occupied by beings like us per recon
they mimic our society for reasons not clear till this day...

Bernard Mendez

SPECULATION,COMMENTARY,OPINION:This is not the future but a silmiar place of a more advance cilivization who want to influence our societies they are like us more enlightened and their society is more spartan like so their is a symbiosis of a kind between them and us and their is a relationship of a kind they have a ability to enter our world and go back to theirs and we can not enter their world for various reasons. They have been re-conned with statements from Al Bieleck and later confirmed by others through project rainbow and the jump room programs and possibly Apollo programs however I believe we are segrated for reason not made clear yet...

Jason Ramsey

Alfred, very intersting...scientists have been pursuing alternative universes and timelines for decades in connection with quantum physical phenonomena and string theory.

There is a problem that has them all stumped to date, no matter how elegant their projections might be.

Once you admit "higher dimensions" and "alternative universes" (which I do, incidentally) you have 10 to the 500th power (an expression in physics meaning so close to infinite it's not really distinguishable from infinite) of universes out there RIGHT NOW, and maybe as many "splitting off" at every instant from every action done in our universe...in other words, gazillions of copies of Alfred Webre and Jason Ramsey splitting off into divergent timelines and every possible action along with all its consequences is realized "really" in some dimension or alternative world. Physicist Brian Greene is eloquent on this in his latest book.

Physicist Lee Smolin has been a key voice to get some empirical evidence of even one "higher dimension" from the LHC experiments before string theorists can say they have anything other than purely mathematical constructions.

So far, our current 4-dimensional world is the only one empirically observed, with its single boring timeline. The "alternative timeline" ideas are based on alternate universes. There are tantilizing hints at extra dimensions and alternative timelines, but so far no solid evidence. (For instance, "dark matter" could be just gravity effects from unseen dimensions rather than a form of matter we can't detect.)

To me, multiple copies of everyone realizing every possible range of experience makes good sense and is comforting...who knows, maybe I'm President Ramsey in one of those worlds! No! I AM President Ramsey...but so are YOU President Webre! It's just that we don't know each other and can never touch each others' lives in those timelines.

I think those alternative dimensions are real, personally...it just messes up our view of "reality" a good deal. But it makes Reality a lot more amazing!


Steen Moeller

Thank you very much!
Very serious and informative in this time of cloudy channelings.
Im def. On the posetive timeline.
Keep it up Alfred, looking forward to next part.


Great work Alfred ! Thank You...Sharing.

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