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Edmund Roache

I can't believe anyone would take this seriously. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

Susan King

I wonder if Laura has factored into her version of the "story",
the additional info that is included in 'The Fifth Interview of the Wingmakers? It is such an inclusive explanation of our Creation Story. Consider it as a piece of the puzzle.


A ha! These archons are actually being taken care of thankfully by the Silver Legion: Tanaath of the Silver Legion, Interview - Special Ops.wmv
Tolec of the Andromeda Council interviews Tanaath of the Silver Legion


oh hang on! we still have these Greys here, wouldn't mind betting that these are your culprits and then you still have these hybrid human/reptilians on our surface still ruling us. Wonder if this lot will be removed from this planet also. Yippee! They're a great lot these people from Procyon!


[Perhaps this is your Archon entities]

News Story: Procyon Lead AC 'Delta Team' Strike Force Takes & Clears Out Last Reptilian Undersea Base.
Please listen to new archive from the live Tolec interview with Tim Bravo of the radio show Extraordinary Year from Thursday, April 5th, 2012. This is a landmark, 'watershed moment', news story & radio show. Tolec reports on the overall, in-depth details of what was found during the taking & "clearing out" of the final Draco & Hydra Reptilian undersea base - as the Draco & Hydra Reptilian lead 'Cabal' & 'Illuminati' malevolent power structure is being defeated, and dismantled. You can find it on the web at http://youtube.com/watch?v=WKVR-fF8Rbs&feature=g-upl&context=G2d33f24AUAAAAAAAAAA


Ask Tolec what do the Andromedans are doing in relation of this problem and what must we also do.


Bravo Laura! That was brilliant!! You helped reestablish the balance I had lost the past several weeks, as fear and doubt about our future had begun to creep in... and that was not typical of me. Time for all of us to claim our co-creation and partnership with this planet and refashion our experience here. Many thanks!


Great article, I can agree with it. Thank you. Time to see further than our eyes allow us.

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