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La Genese

Keep up the good work Alfred. I am 100% behind you!

Juox Aeon

Keep working my support and energy for you good work, we know that this sutiation have to be ended in the few next years.


Matt Sandy? Like that's his real name...

Jackie Burns

Alfred, Too bad you can't get paid for click throughs on your own site. But the truth will come out, and thank you for the truth.

Great work on the war crimes trial. Where can I get a transcript of the trial?

Shari ^i^

I'm here.

I hear you.

I only supported Examer.com because they supported you.

As they NO LONGER support you, I no longer support THEM!

Just leave a "cookie crumb," Alfred, and I will follow where YOU go.

Examiner.com is TOAST (to quote your recent comment). I will no longer visit their sites in any manor unless, and until, they reinstate your column.

You ARE the Truth Movement! All blessings to you.

Shari in SF ^i^

Shari ^i^

LOL about my "freudian slip," above, about following the Examiner in any "manor"...I meant "manner!" -- but isn't it interesting how the higher self interjects here.

I will not follow them in any MANOR or MANNER!

'Nuff said.

S ^i^


the fact is there are a lot of facts out there the cucka-rachas don't want the human beings to know...

Alberto Arellano

Dear Alfred: For thousands as me to update the info related with taboos for the establishment consulting fair and honest persons as yourself among the WEB is the only way to get valuable news.
Fight with all your mind, hearth and soul with your conscience
full of light because of warriors as you people can learn the true world history and to open their eyes to avoid those negative forces affecting their lifes. Trinity e Terra a spanish blogh was restricted as Xentor Xentinl from Chile too
Good Luck!


No more examinor for me! Keep up the good work Alfred!


I'm behind you Alfred. Screw your boycott!!! And screw you!!! We want Alfred!!!

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