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Rick Montoya

This an amazing and incredible release of information, none of which I would discredit. There are some who stand for truth, honesty, hope, future, love of our Country and most of all belief in God's creations. Thank you brave people who have shared to most, the unbelievable with the World. Barry Soetoro I still havent gotten my modification but thank you for trying. I'm still in your corner and plan on supporting you.

William Stillings

When I was there, It was a very very Light blue sky. The ground was Powdery about 1/4 inch deep in that area. it was Clay. I picked some up and compressed it in my fingers. it was a little sticky, but not moist really. Don't know why.

Mystery person

Ed was so nice to have called in. :)
I was informed Ed Dames was Cut off because he Started Screaming the F word at George Noory. just a rumor.lol

Shuichi Sato

A friend of mine had cteated teleportation machine and it is actually working. We are keeping the machines in a secret location. I can easily imagine these stories to be true.


Wow! what a military cover up on the part of Major Ed Dames. That's to bad.


Actually, yes. Mars sky is blue. JPL colorized the first group of photos that came in. The first images were not shown to the media, until colorized. This is straight from a JPL insider and employee who was there.

Ron Bracale

This is such disinformation nonsense. Mars, our solar system neighbor, is not a pretty place with living creatures on the surface and a blue sky. Absurd. Is this an elaborate hoax or intentional obfuscation?

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