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Walter Long

It is about time... And the truth will set you free...


Parametric receivers nato
Bases 1963. Tuned to receive
Fail safe signals from planet mars. And yes
Memory is bugged to brain
Washng mode.

Gs proto


Norman Bloom

How credible is the Andrew D Basiago is??
I can,t seem to imagine Obama going to Mars back in the early 80,s.Again these stories have never surfaced in the media at all.Shows like Midnight in the Desert and Coast to Coast fuel these fictionious stories.
I find it hard to beleive. I quiestion this show and where is Art Bell? Thats a mystery all by itself...

Christopher C

His backing of Al Gore`s environmental theory in a recent interview from last night I am just hearing now, is suspect. I am not sure whether he is to be trusted, but I also do not like the "Rationalwiki" article on him. (Those guys are really douchebags, to be blunt.)


To me, the whole part about predators makes me certain that a quantum environment was the destination, not the physical planet mars of our universe.

Brian Wallenstein

I have lived in siskiyou county since the early 1980, and first came here in 1974. COS is my junior college alma mater, and I will do my research on that. For sake of credibility, I also have witnessed on the east side of Mt. Shasta a wormhole open, and observed 10 craft coming out of hyperspace in the gate do a right angle turn and shoot into the mountian. 3 hours we watched from military pass. My book " Mt.Shasta Sightings" which will after a year of research will be available at the beginning of Auguse 2012. You wand some confirmations, we interviewed tight lipped federal, forest personnel,police, local folk who would not report these sightings but to me will be included, and some we have found blacked out events, several within the 30 years Ive been here.If we are to loosen the monkey grip others who think they have the authority to choose what why and when, we all need to come forward. We have a civilization that is dependent on these technologies and freedoms to continue.


If I were a real whistle blower and I had been trained for encounters with Aliens on Mars, (and or seen Alien animals or beings), I would be talking non stop about the Aliens and the other life forms...
I would only briefly mention the way we traveled to Mars and who we traveled with.
So I think that this is a 'soft sell' of hostile Aliens from Mars as a precursor to the fake Aliens existence and or an invasion of Earth.
'They' seem to have been at this for some time now... Small references of Aliens and a quite a few people saying "Disclosure Now".
I suppose shills get jobs for life and a good retirement package.

AND !!!
I would not be surprised if they have bred some genetically modified humans with big eyes and green bumpy skin (or something like that)Bred them in a lab 20 years ago for the big event soon to come.
In fact I have had a feeling that some of the 'Aliens' spotted at some of the govt installations are in fact home grown people/critters.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Kevin and All - Please join in the ExoUniversity Forum JUMP ROOM with Andrew D Basiago, William D. Stillings and others, downloadable at www.exouniversity.org as of June 1, 2012. Thank you,

Kevin Scott

OK, in this whole post, there are lots of links. But none to the audio or visual of the testimony.
Words, pictures, documents, they are all easily dismissed.
But as the Disclosure Project (.org) taught us, only personal testimony can be truly viewed with discernment, and in my case, with a professional actor/directors eye.
Only video/audio testimony is truly valid.
Where is the audio or video of these guys saying Obama was on Mars. And if he was, why is that bad? Disclosure is a good thing. Who else can save us from the MOX fuel/fukushima?


Do you people seriously believe this shit? Cause besides being a humorous sci-fiction dream that you all had and seemingly decided to start writing news articles on, that's all this shit is. You give Americans a bad name, so kindly stfu and.....well...just kindly shut the fuck up, for humanities sake


not sure if stupid... :/ or just propaganda.

Jerry Lehane III

http://s12.photobucket.com/albums/a221/jlehane3/?albumview=slideshow Life on Mars evidence 1000 photos.I designed Mars rovers/sats 1987,sent drawings to JPL /Nasa via Gene Roddenberry along with ghostwritings for Star Trek,and Black hole drawings with DUAL JETS


Are you serious?

Eating Fish

Sorry D, that was aimed at William Stillings.

Eating Fish

@D so why didn't NASA just delete the picture if it showed an organic life form and that's not what they want you to see? Why not just Photoshop it out? The only reason you see the "crab" is that you WANT to see the "crab," because you WANT NASA to be lying to you. If NASA cannot cover up something that obvious, something which would take 5 minutes to cover up or three seconds to delete, than there would be no way for NASA to cover up the existence of aliens for fifty years. There's three scenarios that you can take: One, NASA is too incompetent to delete a picture, and thus could not cover up the existence of aliens for fifty years. Two, NASA is extremely competent at covering up the existence of aliens (as they have been doing it for fifty years) and the photo in the video doesn't exist because they deleted it before anyone could see it. Three, NASA isn't covering anything up and you're seeing what you want to see. One is false, as the existence of aliens isn't public domain. Two is also false, as the photo in the video exists. That leaves three as the likely explanation.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Steve - Many people listened to Major Ed Dames intervention and their perceptions of his intervention are radically different from yours.

In fact, Ed Dames began to use curse words against George Noory who was forced to cut him off the air.

Other objective observors stated that Ed Dames was in fact caught in a lie.

In Light, Alfred ;-)


I listened to that coast to coast episode. While Basiago and Stillings were on the air. Guess who called in? That's right Major Ed Dames who was the professor of the class they claimed to have taken.

Major Ed Dames pretty much called them liars on the air. George had to intervene and Calm Major Dames down because he was pretty pissed off.

These guys basically tried to say that Major Dames most likely had his memory wiped or that he didn't remember having President Obama in his class because it happened in a different reality. (Seriously, that's what they said)

Don't get me wrong. I'm a believer in most of this stuff. But when Major Danes called in, these guys got squirmy. The whole thing was almost comedy.

Not sure this post will make it up because I know Alfred doesn't like when I contradict him.

I'll just hope he let's me through this time.


Is Obama a devil, or, perhaps, The Demon?


Is Obama real at all?


So does that mean Obama is really from Mars, not Hawaii?

H Petersen

David Wilcock is neither a physicist nor a Mars researcher. He is a researcher, author, lecturer, and film maker. While his research has included Mars and many other areas of space, he is not an expert on Mars research.

I am skeptical of Bassiago's claims. I am still doing my own research and remain unconvinced. I am not saying his claims are untrue, I just haven't found enough reason to believe them as yet.


Do we have verification from the College of the Siskiyous that the seminar of 1980 actually took place? We need that for objectivity's sake. If they deny or say they can neither confirm nor deny, then we have to keep digging, and it won't be easy because the dark project gov't contractors will not be forthcoming. Hats are off to the whistle-blowers of course because if what they are saying is true, then their lives are in danger. I suspect that if true, then the extraordinary nature of this testimony which renders it "Tin-Foil-Hatter" material is the only thing protecting them.
Also, I observe that if this is true, then it would explain why the Occidental records of Barry Soetoro, AKA President Obama are sealed because there is doubtless reference to this Mars Orientation course. Holy Cow.

Rick Goedert


Wouldn't you agree that any information from Tolec would be of the highest priority, and any other topic would be subordinate in order of presentation, yet we hear nothing further from Tolec. What gives??

William Stillings

Steve you need to see something to see if your a shill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSG0-9UAADc&feature=channel_video_title


Hopefully Obama's involvement will mean some kind of government/military disclosure soon.

12/21/12 perhaps...?

 Supra Shoes

When they then first teleported to Mars in Summer 1981, the young Mars visitors confronted the situation that Major Dames had covered at length during the class the previous summer – that one of their principal concerns on Mars would be to avoid being devoured by one of the predator species on the Martian surface, some of which they would be able to evade, and some of which were impossible to evade if encountered.

Steve Kirton

My concern with this is Andrew Basiago has become something of an "alternative" celebrity for the folks that like the "alternative". Going on his "analysis" of the Mars photos it is difficult to determine whether he sought reference from his alleged transportation or LSD. If the photograps were being offered as evidence, with the exception of one, I saw only rocks shaped to stir the imagination.

Being wary of "false flags" in the age of "terrorism", perhaps someone can enlighten me. Personally, I have witnessed three extraterrestial events in my life. Two of those events were also witnessed by others. In relation to each, no other has been even vaguely described in the vast amount of reference material on the "open market" for my exhaustive research. What I witnessed appears to be unique and is evidence enough that this universe is not as it presented by the mainstream media.

Princess of China

Obama must be one of the 144 archons

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