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car games

There are some new facts here worth taking note of. Please pay close attention to “dates”, in terms of years. And of course, use your own inner guidance, your discernment as to how you feel when you read the below


These are super intelligent multi-dimensional beings yet they couldn't figure out how to cut a pizza?


Dear blog owner

FWIW I found this site a few days ago after a synchronistic and personal dialogue with Bashar (bashar.org) some two weeks ago.
I knew nawt about andromeda and it's energies per se,however, I have always known about it for some reason or another. Not sure why but wtf

This site has been an interesting read. Thank you.

Remember one thing.

Remember the beauty of Earth/ Gaia
For she is Grand and very pretty.
It all happens on Earth apparently.

/bucketlist **see earth from orbit**


Ellin Stamps

Please explain the nature and purpose of the Sirian Galactic Federation of Light`and related groups. Are they here to distract us and lead us astray from the True Galactic Federation,s purpose for 3D Earth humans? I myself have always been attracted to the Androminan energy.

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