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Mary Okorn-Jimenez

I absolutely cannot wait to see how I can be of help. I am humbled and grateful to all of you.
I'm ready for change. I am ready to be of service. Today, that means being the kindest, gentlest, most loving, hardest-listening, earnest-seeing human being that - unfettered - I really am.
As are all of you.
Thank you again - so much.


when when can we meet with them!, great stories, but want to see their craft and want to see brown dwarf star,want good things to happen now.,Can they stop the military and their spraying nano and poison on us ?


I so love Tolec's interviews with you Alfred! He speaks from truth, despite the fact we have no "proof". I believe what he is saying to be the truth. A few interviews ago when he spoke about the Virginia and Denver "quakes" being underground bases being destroyed, and then went on to list where the other underground bases where, and then the Gulf of Aden, I thought hmmm interesting...let's pay attention, then there would need to be another "quake" off the coast of China. Amazing... I was 99% in belief of Tolec's information...now I am 99.999999999% (.00000000001 for human error lol).


Thank you for the update Alfred and Tolec.

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