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Diane L.

Still trying to comprehend these concepts--especially George's description of timelines. It appears that Earth will not be inhabitable? All life as we know it gone to another dimension? George talks about the 'natural world' being gone. I am trying to stay positive, but I love the natural world and cannot imagine it no longer existing. I know my comments are most likely more appropriate for a forum-type format where these things could be discussed.

Trex Simon

Another good interview Alfred.
I love the clarity in George Kavassilas' descriptions of the nature of consensus reality in the multi-verse. How the parallel time-lines are formed and how the nature of reality is of our own manifestation. So, "folks", next time your whinging about a global elite government enslaving you. Don't forget you asked for it. & if you can't swallow that, well how about you accepted it and allowed it to manifest, so now you have to see it through...

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