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It is somehow disconcerting how this blog has become an outlet of ET related fear porn. I advise the author to do some independent research (ask some real astronomers) about the possibilities of Elenin being a brown dwarf.

Even a dedicated amateur with a good knowledge of celestial mechanics can tell you that the "brown dwarf" story is not tenable for physical reasons. For one, Elenin should then long be visible with the naked eye given its size (Jupiter is visible and so should be any body which is many times larger).

Then, watch the YouTube video by discoverer Leonid Eleninhimself entitled "What if we replace comet Elenin by brown dwarf?" -- there you can see what would have happened to the orbit of several planets as far back as 3 ys ago if there was a brown dwarf approaching.

Other than that, given that you obviously are aware the personal choice of being on a positive or negative timeline, I'd strongly encourage you to consider what you actually want to focus on in your posts. Do you actually feel you are contributing anything useful this way?

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