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KJ  Nivin

I saw the article about David Martines discovery. Did you notice how quickly it was disputed by "Experts" After seeing the article I decided to 'NOT' let it die. I'm an author and I wrote 31 Ocean-The NASA Files. It is a fiction novel that takes off about his discovery. I write on Amazon and Barnes http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0043TC2O6. I reduced the electronic download price to 99 cents so people would read it. Take a look at it and let me know what you think. Pass it on...Sincerely KJ Nivin

David Martines

My video was accidentally taken off line, but it's been back ten minutes after the accident. Go to my site for the origianl video and more content regarding Bio Station Alpha.


Or Check out BioStationAlpha.com

Ricardo Ricafort

..they're saying there's no proof so provide proof then NASA that there isn't like that there. Shoot your high-resolution cameras on the same coordinates to prove that it doesn't exist! We want to be scientific so let's do it.

Wayne Matthew Clarke

The truth is coming out and the dark ones cannot stop it any longer! We have been lied to for one hundred yrs now! Our Cosmic Brothers and Sisters are Here to STAY! They are Benevolent and Welcome! The Moon, The Earth, Mars, and many other planets inhabit our Genesis! Wake Up! They are HERE! Look to the Skies! Can't you feel it? WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!!!!

Sue Trimble

This is laughable!!! NASA never ceases to amaze me. Do they think we are a bunch of idiots or something?!!! They think because they have all these degrees, they can just explain it away as swamp gas, glitches in the camera, etc. It's too funny!

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