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A lot of disinfo to make real victims think they were "special" or "chosen", when the truth is it is mostly pedophilia. Most freemasonic parents MUST allow their kids to be used by the higher members to get or keep their jobs (the middle class/upper middle class). When the poor kids night terrors take hold, the parents are told to tell their kids "allergic reaction", "wrestling (fear of being pinned down aka raped), then, if the victim remembers too much, the parents are now told to use the "alien abduction" BS. The world is run by pedophiles who NEED the blood and sperm of healthy children and also use them like drugs (adrenochrome) for health and youth. Basically vampirism. Black hats are 33rd degree, white hats are 32. When you see someone on tv with a black cowboy hat in a studio, you know they are 33rds because it is proper manners to take off your hat right? No need for a hat indoors or in tv studio right? If you see a kid with dark circles under their eyes, especially blond or red heads, they are most likely being abused. Ritalin is NOT about hyper kids or benevolence. It's an MK subliminal programming enforcement drug and also contributes to REMDEP (deep sleep deprivation). Don't report suspected child abuse kids to your local police. Try to do some PI work yourself and contact a FED whom you have vetted and know not to be beholden to the jews/freemasonic/mormon/scientology,rosicrucian, wiccan, or any other cult. If you believe a New York billionaire, high society, international traveler that has had acting lessons is not beholden, you are wrong. MAGA with or without Trump. Keep some weapons and a resrouces out of your house and car if it hits the fan. God bless.

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As a believer I strongly know this for a fact dat they (reptilians) are scared of the NAME OF JESUS...bcos last year I had episodes of nightmares.....which I believe were not actually normal nightmares...started hearing voices(mimicking my fren's voice)...and these greenish dwarfs floating into my bedroom...on many occasions dey tried to separate my spirit from the body...as I saw my body lying on the bed and my spirit part floating towards the ceiling...and these strange creatures gathered around my body..use to shout out the name of JESUS and dey were gone!! this happened for a period of 3-4 months!! As of now it has stopped!!Amen


If every confront a Grey or Reptilian, shout these words with heartful intensity..."IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, LEAVE DARK SPIRITS NOW!!"


these are evil beings that were in the fall and cast out of heaven by the almighty. If you ever notice they never mess around with the children of god, because they are scared out of there wits about them. It's always the ungodly who are deceived by these things. I use the name of God and that's all I would need to get rid of them, and they would never apprehend or even approach his children, there is a heavy price for them to pay if they even attempted. I call upon him and these demons flee.

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