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This video is no longer available. Is there anywhere else I can view it?


The Radiation Database contains over 1000 VLF/ELF, radars, radios and more. Check it out.


Sérgio Resende

As a matter a fact, I'm reading now HAARP - The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy, that mention in particular the HAARP instalations in Gakona, also mentioning, for instance, the Russian Woodpecker.
Now considering that it's not very plausible that the Russian Woodpecker ( in Ukraine ), historically linked to the confrontation of the Soviet Union against USA, and the Sura facility, in Russia, and the instalations mentioned in China, or of China, are a part per se of the HAARP facilities, since HAARP is a US military and scientific facility, I think these coordinates information are misleading, since there are clear antagonism between the USA and Russia and China. It looks like the USA have military hardware installed in Russia and China. Not credible, considering the military applications and uses of HAARP!
Maybe later you can publish a clarification of this subject!

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