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Raymond W. Ebbeler

the word "tautological" was us4d in Marshall Mcluhan's book "War and Peace in the Global Village," published in 1968. Perhaps this denotes an understanding but is it real or surreal?

Raymond W. Ebbele

I have been aware for sometime that there is something wrong with our planet and that one can surmise that mainstream media knows about this but is forced to dis-inform the public. If this is a diatribe comment then interpret this as it is...however, one ca not know or predict the future without knowing what has transpired from the past to the present...if you do...the I surmise that that indiidual is the new Messiah and we should all exalt hi/her presence. I believe that 12/21/2012 will be a GREAT AWAKENING and that Truth and Love will reign over planet Earth...so it is written so shall it be!

Jason Robley

One of the Lights the Lord sent us.

This man is a blessing for humankind !


What's happened to vol 2 please?
Has your website been hacked and article deleted?
I notice that this article has vanished

Tracey Newman

As a light worker, i have to say, i find most of what the Dr has to say is 'Tautolgical.' Although, never in my life before have i come across a more angry and opinionated diatribe on shit that i've known for years. How do i know? I listen to my 'emotional' feeling centres and i think with my 'logical' brain. All 8-10% of it!

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