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Sharon Lorraine

Have you heard of John Searl? http://www.JohnSearlStory.com Here is an interview with him by Allan Handelman:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLJwcwUgwso&feature=autoplay&list=PLF9EBB4FBBA29759B&index=20&playnext=20 You can also contact one of his representatives on Facebook, Jason Verbelli:https://www.facebook.com/notes/jason-verbelli/how-the-seg-functions-and-eliminates-radiation/10150108985423310 The SEG powers a home, car, village, hospital, plane, train, etc. for Free.... it converts nuclear radiation. It cleans the atmosphere as it powers things forever.

The negative ions emitted from the device promote rapid growth of plants. You can turn a desert back into a rainforest.

The negative ions also heal scars, burns, diseases, slow aging, can restore the pigment to grey hair, promote the growth of stem cells within the body, etc.

The SEG is also known as the IGV or Inverse Gravity Vehicle.
Once the unit overloads, it becomes a gravitational propulsion system to be used for transportation and space travel. This is how UFOs fly.

The applications are beyond comprehension. It makes everything we use today obsolete. It's far more than just an energy device. I's a magnetic symphony, a healing device, provides limitless power, gets rid of radiation and can do things that most people would consider magic.

It would clean the atmosphere, there would be no smog, wouldn't need hospitals, trains, planes, etc. Don't need fire engines anymore either. If the SEG gets close to a fire... the fire goes out. So you can hover this over a forest fire or house and it will instantly be put out.

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