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Come on, do folks really believe this stuff ?

Has it occured to the writers, that the evil people they claim are responsabile for the spreading of these chemicals, ARE ALSO BREATHING THE SAME STUFF, so wouldn't they ALSO be effected as claimed ?
I mean, let's face it, how many folks do you see walking down the street or driving their cars breathing thru masks ?
Or don't the folks responsabile, breathe our atmosphere at all ?

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Eddy - The ultimate controllers of this system do not deploy any bio-weapons without having the ANTI-DOTES for their systems and communities.

Many of the people involved in delivering chemtrails are not aware of the dangers.

Many of the chemtrails pilots know the lethal consequences of the aerosols they are spraying and cannot escape their jobs because of money.

This is the sad reality that must be stopped now.

You have plenty of chemtrails in Australia.

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