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Note that the role of the IAEA, as agreed with the Iranian government, is limited to applying and monitoring safeguards on fissionable material and related facilities within the territory of Iran, with the purpose of assuring that no such fissile material is diverted from peaceful nuclear activities to military purposes. The IAEA is given no authority to inquire into or to examine activities within Iran that are not directly related to fissile materials, even if they may possibly relate to the development of a nuclear explosive device. Again, the IAEA has a limited legal mandate that does not include being a general nuclear weapons watchdog.

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However, a number of independent alternative forecasting sources, ranging from Chronovisor and remote viewing studies of the year 2013; inter-dimensional communications with a reported regional galactic governance council; and studies of the Mayan calendar suggest that some of the predictions of the Web Bot may be true, although the accuracy of the scale of the forecasts made by Web Bot in unknown.

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