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why worry, there is far far too much accrimony in the alternative news media, and the UFO community as Kerry cassidy has said. let us all be friends, and laugh a bit more. it is not the fact or falseness of these claims of intellectual copyright. let the information we provide be the halmark of what we have contributed to thus subject and put aside all this silliness . why not you and michael salla share the term exopolitics? why not be friends with each other? surely thus is the way of love, and compassion, isn't it? there should be no arguments amongst us.

James Gilliland

Love both of you guys and think you both due great work. We may not always agree but it all will get sorted out in the future. Maybe we can agree that we disagree on certain points and leave them to their own merit. What is more important is that we all work together for the common good, spend our time and energies on the big picture Humanity and the Earth and the Greater family of man beyond Earth. If we cannot rise to the occasion and get along here on Earth how are we going to deal with the complexity of the cosmos?
You all are like family, with all families disagreements happen lets not forget however we are family. Be well James Gilliland www.eceti.org


I think people need to get a perspective when it comes to this issue. I think people need to put aside personal ambition and focus on the best interests of all us as human beings. The only real "experts" when it comes to this phenomena are those us who have to live it every day, and most of us keep it to ourselves.

Wishing the best to all.


Always remember: we're all one! So, in the end... it just doesn't even matter... Let's grow up and learn.. for humanity apparently still has a long path to walk.

Tony Hunter

This all seems very egotistical and shallow. Please let it go... whatever it is! We have enough of a hard time battling against government cover-ups and lies without battling each other too! Let's focus on the major stuff and let this pettiness go!

Alfred Lambremont Webre

FOR THE RECORD, HERE IS MICHAEL SALLA'S RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE STATEMENT. In my judgment, Salla continues to avoid responsibility by lying about his theft of intellectual property in 2003 using clever and snide remarks to do so, and has chosen to reject settlement of this matter. It is common to direct persons to change incorrect details on your biography in Wikipedia, for example. In Light, Alfred Lambremont Webre, Vancouver, Feb, 5, 2011

"Richard, regarding the Wikipedia biographical entry concerning me, it is contrary to Wikipedia rules for the subject of a bio entry to alter it. I have no control over my Wikipedia entry, nor do I post on Wikipedia. As for who is responsible for formulating the concept of exopolitcs I have dealt at length with the historical development of exopolitics here:

"The meaning I give to expolitics in terms of how the ET issue impacts on human political affairs has been widely adopted which is why Wikipedia authors and others attribute the term's origin to me. Webre's definition of exopolitics, like much of his work, is too controversial and marginal. When I first came across it in 2003, I didn't use it since it was way too premature to talk about relations between extraterrestrial civilizations when people are still debating evidence of ET life visiting Earth.

"As for Webre's claim that he holds the intellectual property rights and copyright of exopolitics, I have to conclude that he is launching a new career as a comedian. That's a good thing since we all need to laugh more in dealing with these disputes."


"Michael Salla"

Maxim-um Gratitude

Meanwhile on the mothership a rumor is spreading that earth people one day will get over themselves and get a clue as to who they really are.

Ryan stigall

Most of us in this field know who is who, and I love them both for what they have done in this field of study.

Jonathan Pemberton Bey

Here here Mr. Webre.
Bravo, Michael Salla
Both of you have settled this matter and set an example of were we should be consciously and that being civil and respectful does not hurt. The most important aspect of Exopolitics and Extraterrestrial awareness between you two gentlemen is that you are trying to achieve the same goal and that it does not matter who comes in first. What truly matters are the contributions in regard to this phenomena that are unselfishly provided to "The People" and recognition of these contributions being acknowledged respectively. Thank you for helping to kick start the future of consciousness as a collective.
J. Pemberton Bey.

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