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I think Salla to be mind controlled or a Masonic agent because of his radical behaviour and being the greatest debunker in the history of UFOs and E.T. issues. How Salla can know about a Scalar Energy Device (incl. Company) correlation to Webre?

Ginger Vogler

Hi Alfred - am sadden to have just learned of this very weird undermining of yours & Andrew's work. While Andrew was here (in Kona) he had hinted at something negative going on against his & your work by some others (Salla & Greer), he never once spoke badly of them . . . only seemed completely baffled by their behavior. So I had no idea of the degree of their destructive intent.

Never mind. As the splitting of time lines, based upon each of our intents has begun, each of us will find exactly what we have asked for and faster than ever imagined. And so I see Andrew, Laura & you moving beyond all this old 3D lunacy in a heartbeat.

Many blessings of light & peace in Aloha,

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Ginger - Hi! MIchael Salla and I had dinner along with Laura in Kona during the conference and a lot has been healed. It is very good that the Exopolitics Institute and the Mars Anomaly Research Society went their separate ways, and that Exopolitics.com is separate from the Exopolitics Institute, as we have our different perspectives. Vive la difference ;-)

Aloha and Mahalo

In Light, Alfred ;-)


Dear SE James - Hi! I can appreciate what you are saying about interdimensional extraterrestrial contact. That is at the core of an understanding of Exopolitics.

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