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E. Lee Gregory

Perhaps these people are not so much ignorant as they are patriotic and their actions are meant to turn your attention to something else. It is dangerous to assume anyone is ignorant or stupid or dumb just because they don't agree with us. You can lul yourself into a false sense of security that can cause you to underestimate your enemy. More then likely these people are as intelligent as you or I and know as much about alien visitations as you and I; the only difference is that they are working with the government to keep such knowledge from the general population.


il faut que toutes ces personnes,qui empechent une rapide revelation modiale , soit punis un jour pour leurs actes a guarder l'humanité dans l'ignorence. HONTE A EUX !!! ils se prennent pour qui? des dieux vivant ?? le monde est tres mal barré avec ces humains aux penséset actions primitif !

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Lee - In that case, Prof. Morris should immediately resign as professor at Oxford, for he is engaged in an educational fraud - teaching his students a false version of science while privately knowing something else. There is nothing patriotic about fraud, and it is this misguided sense of patriotism, secrecy and fraud that has permitted the loss of civil liberties and the extraterrestrial embargo to endure.

Out with secrecy and fraud I say
In with Truth!

Eara Jordon

Go after him on a personal legal basis: Defamation with malice aforethought; Abuse of Literary Rights (International Law).

Any overflow would be taken on business legalities, but this would be a dead end.

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