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Love All and see New Life evolving - Fear base ideas create panic - Feeling panic is what causes an effect on All - Feel Love inside and cause the New You and I to see what we truly want to manifest - Love - A Beautiful World - Fabulious Humans -

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Fear not that thy life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

John - You are re-creating the catastrophic timeline, a meme that the permanent war economy is investing in and trying to re-create through fear:


i been in the future.john

Nuclear war will happen soon. All human kind will see the end. Some will remain but most will pass over. This planet will be red like Mars and all remaining human will be force to live underground. It will get to the point where we will have to manipulate the many and all remaining food sources. All DNA will be change for ever and evolution will happen to all remaining life. There is a present entity that is controlling all governments around the world this will become more clear as we get closer to the end for some! Most people have been able to see the future tru there dreams and all dreams have one thing in command' there is hallways and entity that makes itself be notice but never allows to be seen in full. This entity is here and has been allow by our very governments to roam around the world as there has been and exchange of knowledge that our governments want. As they believe that there will be a future. Don't be fool this entity is just playing his own game and it will win. I have seen the furture and it is not going to be nice. The world we have come to know will not remain blue and green! There is no Bunker deep enought to save us there is no military big enough to fight back! There is no God that will come to the rescue. That same entity that created us will also be the one to finish us. God is and has hallways been the one who has fool us all. We where all meant to be a slave race that was genetically manipulated to serve there needs. we are and have hallways been a work force everything else we know is just to keep us from seeing the truth!!! They are here and they want full control and they allready have it.

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