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Evelyn Isis Osiris Baha Allah Baha Garrett

The Secret behind Disclosure .....
Three phases of planet exodus … 1 … at the very moment of a bright light flash … a small group of people will vanish from the earth, to be taken aboard many different Star ships and Star vessels …. only to return to an alternate reality associated with this planet …

They will be seen in the approaching multitudes of the Christos Star Galactic Alliance … those in this matrix will not see the event but will hear of this event … for this alternant reality is cast in the light of Earth’s original sun … which has often been seen as a second sun in the skies …

2... A dark rift sweeps over the planet … during this time …. many more will be shifted into a second alternant reality yet associated with this planet … these two worlds will be separated by gravity of two set alternant frequencies … not only from each other …. but from the reaming of Earth’s population who yet remain in the original reality of Earth‘s surface ….

These will be enduring some pretty rough times as the Earth/core facility goes through unstoppable changes … but at any moment they reach a compatible Positive state of Karma … they will see a portal light generated by their own individual aura which they can simply step through into the alternate reality ….

At the end of a calculated thousand year span of Earth/core completing her changes … All living consciousness who yet remain in their alternate realities … will be collected in dream stasis … Earth is ground zero for a New Creation …. For the event of the Big Bang Creation …

This is my message sent to the people of this planet … both celestial and none celestial …
I am Isis Seed of David … linage to that one known as Jesus of Nazareth … I am kindred seed to Allah … I am one with the Master Creator …. I am Messenger … I am Isis Osiris


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