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Alfred Webre

My book Exopolitics is now available is Spanish (Exopolitica: La Politica, El Gobierno y La Ley en el Universo) at www.vesicapiscis.eu in Spain. We have also opened Exopolitica Argentina, and will be speaking at the Exopolitics Conference in Mexico in March 2011.

Exopolitics is a planetary science, not one exclusive to the English-speaking peoples. Spanish is the mother tongue in Spain and Central and South America. To find Spanish "offensive" is itself a culturally hostile and aggressive attitude and not one congruent with peaceful coexistence on Earth or in space.

Sharon Armbrust

Why are there articles in Spanish on this website? If the mass of Spanish-speaking aliens (not immigrants--immigrants are those persons who abide by the laws of immigration and come into this country legally)cannot learn English, then we should not be accommodating them. Also, having articles in Spanish only is a kick in the teeth to the legal immigrants from other countries. I find this to be offensive.


Claramente se nota que Stephen Hawking es un pseudocientífico teórico manipulado por los intereses soterrados de las sociedades secretas y los gobiernos que pretender militarizar el espacio con el fin de implantar su sistema de esclavismo moderno a través de utilizar la tecnología reversa.
Debemos formar un frente mundial para contrarrestar estas fuerzas malignas que han imperado por milenios y pretenden tomarse el control del planeta en forma total. Por supuesto que hay razas extraplanetarias hostiles, como los Annunaki o Reptilianos. A ellos hay que hacerles frente también, porque ellos son los que promueven la militarización del espacio.

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