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Two more issues of importance:

(1) I still don't know where the recent "MonsterQuest" episode "Lizard Monster" can be viewed on the internet by people outside the U.S. If anyone knows how that can be found, please let me know and I'll share with the list. Thanks!



I see you have a lot of samples cut with the same set of primers, and the gene you targeted was found clearly. What I find strange we have 23.000 genes and you begin looking to one of the smallest genes, 342 basepairs is really small. And im curious what gene it is? In such a small gene deletions or mutations could have occured.

Mike Franklin

I respect Mr. Pye... and the skull sort of speaks for itself as being worthy of the attention.

But a lot hinges on that as-yet unidentified lab and seeing those results, with said lab's respected endorsement, surviving the scrutiny that is sure to come.

This is indeed a bold claim and should it survive intact, it will surely be worth the wait.

juan von trillion

If you knew what happened along the long way to get scientists and labs to look at the Starchild, you would understand that Lloyd needs to make sure that he is on firm ground.

There is now a Spanish language websiste dedicated to the Starchild Project.
I had the pleasure to build it and to translate Lloyd Pye's ebook.


Juan von Trillion


I think pye is full of crap. If there are aliens then he is one. His job is to prove that aliens don't look human. He is so full of himself Ego itself might as well be the alien invasion. Ever notice how one off these alien exhibitionists are? Pye looks like chertoff and lenin: Is there a racial connection to those dirtbags? His lectures are full of mistakes and disinformation. This skull is probably a mongoloid - get it mongol? He is on my list of possible aliens which includes emmanuel, greer, freidman, lear, kissinger, icke, ratzinger, chertoff, sotomayer, napolitano, laibow, stubblebine, reno, rael, tarpley, soros and greenspan.

Frisky  Pony

Sugamari, I find your narrow minded attach on Lloyd Pye to be quite uncalled for. It's closed minds like yours that have impeded scientific progress. I say give the man a chance and let's see what develops. There are still wonders out there just waiting to be discovered.


Sugmari, rather than attack Pye, why dont you look at what is going on with the skull, instead. Personally, I dont care if Pye has an ego or not, what I care about is the DNA of that skull - that's all Im interested in and you should be too, considering what it will mean.


MonsterQuest - Lizard Monster here is the episode



noone is the author of truth but we discover it none the less, noone can dispute there not being aliens because noone has lived since eternity to prove otherwise , so try and be opem minded and stop blocking free flow of consciousness with words that do not help but only create division . life isnt about accepting or rejecting it is about experiencing about learning about expanding not just about fixed closed minded opinions , you find out truth not from words but from action in reality and other metaphysical phenomena :) ,peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are all star children. we each will realize this in the most awesome ways in due time.

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