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Perhaps,perhaps not.To dismiss his theory out of hand is silly.After all,the theory of human evolution has yet to be proven.None the less scientists of the modern era take it as fact.When the scientific process fails to prove a theory,the theory must be discarded.Evolution as a process is proven,Darwins theory of human evolution has been all but disproven,yet scientists still cling to it almost religiously.It is incumbent upon the claimant to prove his theory,not the scientific community to disprove it.

Jason J

I find it amazing that skeptics negatively criticize Dr. Pye, and all he is doing is just locating an answer through science-based methods regarding the "starchild's" genetic build-up." I wonder if the saying "the truth hurts" has anything to do with all of the negative "professional" feed back he receives. A message to all the "negative professionals" out there: Is Dr. Pye physically harming you in any way? Is he destroying your own hard-built career by this? Probably not; so, let him do it. It's not like he is trying to have forceful lude acts with your children. He's just scientifically testing an object that was found rather than "guessing" based on what it "looks" like. I understand you are all more educated than myself, and that's ok with me. Alas, if I were to purchase a guitar, from a choice of three, based soley on "looks" would I be disappointed with the outcome, or would it be more logical and smarter, to "test" the three, which takes longer, before my decision?

Mike tummon

What s got me puzzled is where are the skeptics who want a sample to do independant analysis on the skull bone.If they all so sure hes wrong prove him wrong. Pick the lab pay for the full genome recovery.

John  van  den  Ende

the monster5 quest links is ok but the video was removed


We'll see what happens in the results, an we will see which side kisses a$$: )

Dr. Kawasaki

Jacoff or Jafo , you seem to be the expert in vaseline. WFT does being agnostic have to do with being able to see the truth. BS opinions, you mean like Mr. (piece of the) Pye.
Totalitarian govt, China Russian, where are you going you dumb fuckwad. Its mental midgets that have to use the divine or extraterrestrial to explain their own ignorance.
Have a nice 1/2 life.

Yours truly,
A real geneticist but I can't give you my name, secrecy you know.


I heard Llyod Pye on coast to coast 20 years ago and have been following him ever since. He is a neat guy. What more could you want from somebody? I don’t get the complaint with people having, making or asking for money. If you’re so f in jealous of anyone with money go live in a Totalitarian Country like China or Russia where they have a nice warm bed for you. I don’t need DNA results to form an opinion as to what type of extraterrestrial BS is occurring as we speak on this planet. If you are going be a jack ass and state something in his lectures is full of crap then state specifically what you find to not be credible. If not STFU and go back and play on one of those totalitarian, opps I mean socialist progressive web sites where they believe the Billionaires of the planet are only looking out for your best interest.
There is plenty, and I mean plenty of information to make an informed decision which shows some SERIOUSLY REAL DIRTY BS is going down on this planet. I sure as hell don’t need to see the DNA results of the Starchild skull to figure it out. In the words of Jules, Look you wanna go play blind man, walk with the Sheppard, but me, my eyes are wide fuckin open. So all of you agnostics take your BS opinions and go buy a bigger jar of Vaseline cause I KNOW you’re gonna need it. Oh, and put a lot of sand in it because you obviously like it that way. AH’s

Halloween Costume

Gerne gelesen Ihren Beitrag ...


c-est bon


my oh my , amazing how much stir, this little skull has raised, anyway , 2012 is just around the corner,
incomming light charged with DNA? , why not,
golden ages are more fun than harmaggedons, and were in the shit to our lowerlips at this point, think bright, good luck to all, geterix the mage

216 cats may help or 1

well, the problem with humans is that they are dead but they don't know... for those who have a doubt, just check any hollywood movie, and if you are alive you ll see. of course if you are alive you already know that they have eyes but they don't see. so lloyd pie lives for the papers, sorry the money, and everyBODY here as well.... someONE knows what i say hu...
let they dream, and wake up at 6:30 to worry about their day.
what is water mister scientist? it is h2o? hoooooo so let us make some!!!!!!!!!! good night dead slaves.

i say hello to sugamari. match my five.
sixes, don 't respond cose i won't read it. gone!

Chuck Chugger

Lloyd Pye knows a good deal more than he relates in his lectures. If he told you the stuff that he really knows, you just couldn't get your head round it. If you walk out the door and start using your 5 senses, start thinking, forming a different syntactical perception of the perceived world you'll start to see that there is a Big Lie. Where do you start? Just start looking, SEE - use your sixth sense. All of these things hinge on using your brain. The Egyptian deities hold a sheep crook close to their chest, I wonder why? Start looking and don't accept anything as READ or said. Use all of your senses. That's all you've got!

Zooey perry

It is probably just the skull of an inbred child, the fathers dna cannot be found because its pretty much the same as the mother. it makes more sense than inter-planetary, inter-speciel breeding. facebook sexbook


Pye is a charlatan and the furthest thing from a scientist. He refuses to acknowledge that this skull HAS BEEN analyzed and HAS NOT DEMONSTRATED that it is anything but human. Unfortunately, Pye will not accept this, and has continued to spread this garbage and in doing so, he has bilked many a dollar from gullible fools who fall victim to his unscrupulous nature.

There is no evidence to support any version of human-alien hybridization. This skull is human until demonstrated to be otherwise, that is how science works, not the other way around, no matter what Pye wants to tell you about conspiracies.

Come on folks, go to the big buildings called UNIVERSITIES and get the degrees in science.....


It is probably just the skull of an inbred child, the fathers dna cannot be found because its pretty much the same as the mother. it makes more sense than inter-planetary, inter-speciel breeding.

Pepe Idolio Quintanilla

Please, this is not a scientific result. At the moment is only a text in a Screen. The text in the screen can be reproduced by me easily - and by the way...if you press the "to know why - click here"...what appears. Maybe it says that the sample was not good?.

In case you really want a scientific result (and believe me, if it is positive the first one to congratulate and to enjoy will be me), is to deliver samples to at least three different reputed laboratories. Finally they all will agree a final result.

Earl of Gloucester

Do you have an angle?
Would you, for some reason, cry out your cynical views so that others are as blind as possible to this existence we are all part of?
Surely you can't be so closed-minded, can you?

Stop playing their game.
Hand back whatever they're giving you and be a part of the forward moving human experience.

It's much better on this side

Jim Morrison

I have interviewed Mr. Pye before and he definitely has a stunning intellect. I do agree we are all starchildren in our own right. If anyone is looking for an interesting radio show to listen to check out http://www.mabusincarnate.com for the transcripts of the Pye interview and other recent interviews including Stanton Friedman and David Biedny and many more.


Well said, amoni! Any new discovery, anywhere, anytime is exciting. :) I want the whole story to play out and will enjoy the end result whatever it is. If we beat our scientists into submission and secrecy with harassment and disgrace we will never learn anything new. Give the guy a chance and just wait a bit to laugh or applaud, whichever the end result calls for. ;p

David Thomas Collins or David Ra Serious Ennead Junior

You are correct,There has been an ET influence.The last known fertilization happened 30,000 year's ago.The Human Race is a Hybrid to bring on Evoulution Faster than normal.Fore I am God The Allmighty and I say what is when it is needed.

Dia Ema

Just ignore the skeptics. Lets face it, even if the Starchild’s alien father would come forward with a Births certificate in his hand. The skeptics would still say that the certificate was falsified and the father is a fake. You can’t win.


hahaha I am a skeptic by nature but I am intrigued by the star child skulls. If for no other reason then their appearance lends weight to something else going on.

But... people are going crazy over this for all the wrong reasons. no matter if they are human or other wise. Their discovery is an amazing thing. It is a chance to learn more about our selves.

As for the ego of whoever is doing all the testing. To be a scientist you need a bit of an ego. How else would you ever come to a result?

Humans are arrogant. It is a fact. Look around we have a bit of a right to it. Not that I believe it is right. Just that it is not surprising nor is it really wrong.

Now with that said... I hope the skulls turn out to be something amazing and unique. It is always wonderful to see some new discovery verify that the world is not linear.

just my opinion :p

Fed Up

Human arrogance never ceases to amaze me. The world is flat!...oh.. it's not then? Well...we're the center of the UNIVERSE!!...oh..not that either? We're the center of the galaxy then right!? No? ok.. the solar system?? nope...how bout if we're the only solar system with planets? no...bugger me. we must be the only planet with life on it then... oh right. mars had life at one point you say? but for sure we are the only planet with intelligent life on it! HAH! I win!!!

I wonder how many difinitive statements made by mankind must be proven incorrect before mankind learns not to make such arrogant statements.

Frank Mondana

Yet another, "It is different so it must be....let's see....an Alien!"

Both the Alien and the religious folks all have the same flawed thinking. "We are just so damn cool, that evolution doesn't explain our coolness. We have computers, cars, and other neat stuff so there just has to be a HIGHER INTELLIGENCE somewhere in our make up."

Both groups are nothing but narcissistic schmucks.


Lets not forget another lab said it was completely human. So Pye is looking for a lab to confirm his theory rather than look at the results and build from there. Mr. Pye: "It is not human dammit and even though test prove it is, I will find some lab and geneticist (names are secret) to verify my 'theory'." When a theory is proven wrong, amend the theory, not the evidence.

I have a theory,
Test theory,
Results not matching,
change THEORY.

Not pseudo science:
Test Theory
Outcome not match theory,
Change outcome.

"But we could not recover its nuclear DNA, which comes from both mother and father, which meant its father was not a human."
What a leap of crap.

Conclusion is: no recoverable nDNA period, doesn't prove its father was not human or its mother for that matter.

In the 2010 results no significant correlation is found. Means it might be a bad sample....

2 important things to remember.
1) He wants more money and
2) he wants more money.

ps: as for narrow minded, that also applies to those who say it is alien and nothing else will suffice. Accept the facts, its human. Don't be so narrow minded and insist it is alien and no other explanation is possible.


Anything to make a buck.

342 is nothing.

possibility but wit just one small sequence that small is not a basis.


indeed, Simon, and so it is.


We are all star children. we each will realize this in the most awesome ways in due time.


noone is the author of truth but we discover it none the less, noone can dispute there not being aliens because noone has lived since eternity to prove otherwise , so try and be opem minded and stop blocking free flow of consciousness with words that do not help but only create division . life isnt about accepting or rejecting it is about experiencing about learning about expanding not just about fixed closed minded opinions , you find out truth not from words but from action in reality and other metaphysical phenomena :) ,peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!


MonsterQuest - Lizard Monster here is the episode



Sugmari, rather than attack Pye, why dont you look at what is going on with the skull, instead. Personally, I dont care if Pye has an ego or not, what I care about is the DNA of that skull - that's all Im interested in and you should be too, considering what it will mean.

Frisky  Pony

Sugamari, I find your narrow minded attach on Lloyd Pye to be quite uncalled for. It's closed minds like yours that have impeded scientific progress. I say give the man a chance and let's see what develops. There are still wonders out there just waiting to be discovered.


I think pye is full of crap. If there are aliens then he is one. His job is to prove that aliens don't look human. He is so full of himself Ego itself might as well be the alien invasion. Ever notice how one off these alien exhibitionists are? Pye looks like chertoff and lenin: Is there a racial connection to those dirtbags? His lectures are full of mistakes and disinformation. This skull is probably a mongoloid - get it mongol? He is on my list of possible aliens which includes emmanuel, greer, freidman, lear, kissinger, icke, ratzinger, chertoff, sotomayer, napolitano, laibow, stubblebine, reno, rael, tarpley, soros and greenspan.

juan von trillion

If you knew what happened along the long way to get scientists and labs to look at the Starchild, you would understand that Lloyd needs to make sure that he is on firm ground.

There is now a Spanish language websiste dedicated to the Starchild Project.
I had the pleasure to build it and to translate Lloyd Pye's ebook.


Juan von Trillion

Mike Franklin

I respect Mr. Pye... and the skull sort of speaks for itself as being worthy of the attention.

But a lot hinges on that as-yet unidentified lab and seeing those results, with said lab's respected endorsement, surviving the scrutiny that is sure to come.

This is indeed a bold claim and should it survive intact, it will surely be worth the wait.


I see you have a lot of samples cut with the same set of primers, and the gene you targeted was found clearly. What I find strange we have 23.000 genes and you begin looking to one of the smallest genes, 342 basepairs is really small. And im curious what gene it is? In such a small gene deletions or mutations could have occured.


Two more issues of importance:

(1) I still don't know where the recent "MonsterQuest" episode "Lizard Monster" can be viewed on the internet by people outside the U.S. If anyone knows how that can be found, please let me know and I'll share with the list. Thanks!


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