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I listened for as long as possible. This young lady has far to much ego, to be the spiritual being she claims to be. It is sad to me to watch or in this case listen to someone speak in circles and yet say nothing .The truth is found on her web page where her sevices? are offerd at a rate of $65-$175.
I wish her well and that she finds the truth she seeks, however until she lets go of ego,this process is not possible.What is in a name $$$$$$$$$, enough said :)

May your God always bless you !

Sinhar Iku

Hi Alfred,

While I appreciate your interest in and efforts made towards helping people understand the "paranormal" world, I am sorry to say that the actual, useful information information presented in your recent Magdalene Eisenhower interview could have been presented in about 30 seconds (i.e., the names of two of the ships that have supposedly been built to carry the Illuminati to Mars, and the existence of The Aviary.)

Aside from that, it was 1 hour, 59 minutes and 30 seconds of New Age-y blather.

I'm sure Ms. Eisenhower -- and you -- are perfectly nice people, but if you are going to purport to be a journalist of any repute you really have to force yourself and your interview subjects to stick to the "5 Ws."

For instance, I don't believe you even asked her if she had been on Mars, and if so, on what part? What is Mars like during the day? At night? How exactly are the ships designed, built and powered?

I mean, seriously, I could think of a hundred specific questions to ask someone like Ms. Eisenhower over the course of a two-hour interview. And if she couldn't answer the first 10 or so with any sort of detail or "ring of truth" I would say thanks for your time and cut the interview short.

So once again, you get an "A" for effort but unfortunately a "D-" for doing the job of a real journalist: To provide accurate and heretofore unknown information to the public, in a concise, objective and compelling manner.



Very interesting news! i always knew there is something missing in humanity, we feel it deep within ourselves but it's hard to explain!
Thanks for such nice and useful information.

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