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rofl, sorry - this isnt new imaging technology.

Tim Topper

This technology is certified by photographic experts, Computer graphic engineer who both stated it is more advanced than any process on Earth. In a statement an Engineer said, this process could likely touch ever person on the planet soon....


You cannot copyright NASA copyrighted images under the lame pretense of use of your lame off teh shelf software and a few color filters. This is a nice attempt to plug yourselves and the site but your copyright of the images doesn't hold water and you know it. So to say but nice for a high school project but fail on the "new propriety images." You weren't even the first to discover them but nice try. Are you caliming Dallas Examiner's copyrights your own too. LOL =p Still though thanks for your reporter's perspectives. ;-)

Joel the K

Mr. Stewart ,Mr. Nussbeck,
Your work is fantastic. I am working on an article about you and your work and this ongoing investigation into the unidentified objects. I will post the article later tonight (Friday 12th of Feb)or early Saturday morning. Good work guys. Well done. I am behind you and am extremely interested in your work. If you wish to read the article, I typed my weblog address into the "post a comment bar". Thank you gentlemen. I salute free minds such as you both express.


good work guys,keep doing such fantastic things.
eyes on U!


good job!!
please go on!
by the way,i'm a student from china,i'll go on follwing closely!
but it seems that there's little chinese believe in it...

Robert F. Swart

This is a very interesting report,especially since NASA pictures of SDO show moon sized globs of plasma.There seem to be natural and perhaps preternatural elements involved here.I would like to know what the author things about the solar rain pictures on Nasa website spaceweather.com around 28apr2010? Pax Vobiscum Bob.

Richard M. Manning Ph.D

I am very impressed with your technology, 10 generations ahead of it's time. Dr. Joe Resnick and 9 other PH.D's have confirmed your technology. Outstanding.

E. Angulo

I have many videos and still pictures of soho from ESA and I can tell you that there are thousands and thousand of these object of different shapes and very big too coming in and out of our "SUN" some of them are cylindrical shape. I imagine that either they are millions of people in them or they are giants living in it or both cause it's mind blowing their size. What is their purpose or mission is the question, but I have seeing the sun flaring out when they are interacting with "IT" something is going on and I wouldn't doubt it will affect us . What can we do? PRAY? or hide underground like the US military is doing and must of the big "POWERS" in 1561 there was a aerial battle fought in front thousands of people in Nuremberg (Germany) and they said those ships came and left towards the sun after few hours of shooting, even the people on the ground new whath side was loosing by the ships that were shot down into the earth , there were whote and black spheres and cylindrical objects, some were like crosses with globes in their tips. A year later same thing was observed in Switzerland too. We just don't know Jack, but now all those mytical stories are starting to sound like things that really happened, but as usual we are skeptical and naive. NASA needs to come clean with everything they know. At the end of the day we are stuck on this rock together. I am sure all our differences would go away if this "ALIEN" thing is officially revealed. Those "aliens" could cause global catastrophys to get rid of all of us and who's to say they didn't do it? who represent our planet in case of help needed? we should be working on health and cures and green technology to help our planet. all we are doing is hurting each others for stupid reasons. We are at the brink of global water, food shortages. the planet is warming and what's awaitting us is "TRIBULATION" a thousand folds. The 4 riders are galloping furiosly on our planet, but if we unite we could change that dark future. Few people controlling the masses , it's always being about power and control. LET's "UNITE"
our last warning has already sounded no much time left fellow humans god will not intervine if we don't love each other and "THIS PLANET" we have abused "IT" for way too long. PEACE and Love People

Chinese MLight

It's so important to us.You'er right,Richard M. Manning Ph.D.Let's "UNITE".

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