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new balance

I want that my love to you will turn into bright sunlight so that to warm your heart. Do you like it?

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, CERTPublicHealth

Emily - Hi! Thank you for your insights and your support.

I do hope it gets sorted out as well.

There are clandestine forces inside exopolitics which are not what they
seems on the surface.

Hopefully the new energies coming in will finally expose and resolve
these for the greater common good.

In Light and cooperation, Alfred

Emily Donelan

Not sure why your articles on time travel to Mars would be an issue. I certainly enjoyed hearing about this story. Good luck, I hope the exopolitics politics can get sorted out without expelling anyone. Everyone is needed in this work. I do hope it gets the support of everyone for balance.

Lance Moody

Delusion personified.


Dr. Greer, may I send you a copy of my newly published Amazon.com book, "Mars In [NASA] Pictures," which show HUMAN development on Mars. I find human forms on most planets in this solar system. "Aliens" are not our neighbors; they are humans like us, White, Black and Asian. Disclosure has to begin with the knowledge that our whole solar system is already settled, peopled and inhabited by people [whose DNA is worked from different elements] but just like us. [email protected]

George LoBuono

Greer seems to have painted himself into a corner by insisting that the gray alignment doesn't do abductions (as though it's all US military ops). He dropped the ball by never even criticizing such aliens. So, he now has a book and video out that's a kind of scatalogical assemblage of light contact accounts, plus video of lights that appear--you don't see craft. Which leaves the heavy lifting, the development of exopolitical and more trenchant study to other parties. The question is how personal it all is for Dr. Greer. As for myself, I thought Greer would have done more by now. CSETI seems to have frozen after 2001, and, absent a good critique of aliens (basic college minimum), how will it even be relevant?

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