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Paul Potter

What a load of tosh ! Or should I say, half-tosh, because that’s what this recorded story is - a delivery of half-truths. I can see quite clearly how this story was created, and it follows how a film is scripted... Listening through this recording you can definitely get the impression that this account, eloquently delivered though it is, started off as a basic list of keywords, you know, keywords that would be known to resonate with exopolitical researchers... The delivery of those keywords and the emphasis put upon them come across far too precisely ! It follows a well established pattern (seen all too easily in the misinformation penned into many UFO-related stories I might add). After such a keyword list is formulated a skeleton canvas is devised and this would have been colored in by someone like a film screenplay writer until it became a relateable story. It could be that whoever is then chosen as the carrier of such stories is either drugged or hypnotised to accept ‘their’ story as 100 percent reality, so that when they eventually relay the story’s details into the media it sort of sounds feasible. What gives it away are the silly tongue-in-cheek extremes and plays on words that have very obviously been chosen by the originators who were no doubt having a good laugh at the gullibility of this story’s audience. At about 71 minutes into this story you will find the killer punch being delivered - and this whole section smacks of judgmentalisms against our so-called offworlders - and it also smacks of warmongery between the governments and the offworlders ! The second part of this delivery is better and sounds like a mixture of “The Ptaah Tapes,” Scientology, Whitley Strieber’s “The Key,” and some of the stuff David Ike was instructed to write about.
Paul Potter.

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