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Btw, I see Americans are rehearsing Blue Beam by projecting dancing UFOs of various colors only...
(though sometimes accompanied with scary sounds, made in Hollywood and projected from satellites)


I think that Norway light was a Project Blue Beam rehearsal (holographic projections onto the sky).

And for some reason I suspect it was done from Russia. :) I suspect they projected the nuke mushroom over Syberia a month ago, and that mysterious Chinese ghost-town without a single citizen... ;)
(Russians are creative and like to make strong jokes, as always...)


Call me skeptical again...but I just love "secret sources" that tell a certain privaliged person stuff. Yeah, just like some of the yahoos interviewed by Project Camelot said "my secret sources said Obama your Mama had national tv air time booked for end of November to disclose E.T.'s and stuff". OK people, this is the end of my rope, put forth concrete evidence or quit trying to make a living and getting attention by trickery and scams...unless that's all you have to offer society, then by all means! Heresay heresay, did I mention heresay??? Looks like I am one of a very few who comment on this site, that says a lot about the credibility and meaningfulness of exoguesswork!! I would be delighted to see evidence and believe, but the more I follow this topic, nothing pans out, I know why, most of the sheeple have short attention spans and will easily forget when wilcox or basagio or other yahoos say they have important, "secret" info about events that never happen! But most of these scammers need your money, they always need your money, kinda like churches...put up evidence or shut up, you will see none of my money, I have to "work" for it...I can tell some amazing stories, maybe I am going about this reality all wrong and not using my full b.s. potential, I should take lessons perhaps?

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