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Ronald Quesada





I need more serious data to believe there are beings living up there. I wish to believe ..has to be life up there somewhere..but in Mars..I don't think so.


Evidence, like Roger Liers implant research, now that speaks volumes of how some are being tagged and watched and perhaps manipulated physically and mentally. That I believe is off world proof. There is another guy who copies and feeds off of Dr. Roger Liers research and I believe he to is a fraud, trying to make a name and money for himself off of the good Dr. People, evidence is key to believe! Interesting how Andrews Baslagioni-bologne Mars teleport song was removed??? What gives there?
Project Pegasus: www.projectpegasus.net
MARS: www.projectmars.net
WHERE IS THE CONTENT FOR THESE WEBSITES??? How convenient there is no substance, but what DOES appear is all the info and FEE for memberships!!! So, no evidence, not even his nice stories of teleportation to mars and elsewhere, NOTHING, but he damn sure is ready to COLLECT money!!! Wow, what is this some kind of new religion??? Once again, prove yourself or shut down those websites that offer NOTHING sir. What are you waiting for? Oh, yeah, the suckers out there willing to send you money...tell again...if this were so crucial to our progression as humanity and so true, than why sir do you and most others who offer NO proof always need the money???


Whatever...where is the evidence??? I want to believe this stuff is true to, but all I hear are stories that conveniently can't be fact checked. Sounds like great fiction until Andy can come up with some evidence, especially since he said he teleported in time, offers no details, nothing to verify, how nice. Until I see some real evidence, it's all B.S. There are to many wannbe idols in the world needing to much attention, it's a disorder! Why don't you interview me, I have some very creative stories to! Besides, if any of this were true, then why don't the humanoid E.T.'s help us? Why don't they make themselves known? They ought to be superior to us and any effort to silence them, so what gives? Why is it only a select few have "contact" and get vague details of impending doom or other info and yet they offer no credible details...it's a disorder unless proof is shown. It's no joke to mess with other peoples' mental health, so Andy and all other "special" people need to put up evidence or shut up, I can make up my own grand stories!


I was wondering who I can contact in order to do an interview with Andrew D. Basiago?

In fact, I am interested in talking to anyone and everyone that I can speak to before this whole thing breaks.

I want it documented, who knew what before it happened and how we tried to get the word out!

This field is my passion and has been for a long time. I'm in the t shirt business, but I don't hide my love of exoplitics.

I take this field very seriously. Please let me know anybody and everybody that wants to do an interview via, video, audio or in person (in NYC)?

Thank you

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