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Stefanie Adam

Gary - hang in there. The darkness you are experiencing now is in direct proportion to the light you will reveal if you persevere. Hang in there till at least July of 2010. In case Disclosure is announced and you can be vindicated. Praying for you and Dan Burisch and Marci McDowell said they would vouch for what you know and saw. You are brilliant and I know you are hurting. Praying for your sanity and ability to endure.

Love and Light

Tim Radford

I`m ex pat living in the USA and i understand that if he gets extradited then the GOVT do NOT need to present evidence to win a guilty verdict, within ( coveniently )the state that will try him.To not face a fare hearing is a breach of human rights (at least in the U.K ),could this save him ? and what about AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL getting involved,that might help alot.All this nonesense about being a hacker and damaging their pcs..how can this be??? ,given that he used freely available off the self software and the pentagon and NASA used WINDOWS with default password????.He is no techy but over here i have heard him mentioned as a master hacker and that the GOVT could use someone like him.There IS a secret space programme and it`s a shame that he commited the offence of looking into the GOVT files in 2001 as now you can verify it all by merely looking on the internet.Also i feel that they are toying with him ...after 8 years ?? if it was so important then why did he not get extradited soon after he confessed to the crime.He also must have a card left to play and if it was me i`d get on a plane (at GOVT`s expense ) of free will and ask to present my case in a state that abides by human rights..a good public showstand to let the people of the world know whats really going on and aslo a challenge to the authority`s who might just be a little uncomfortable with a presentation by Mc kinnon,but i`m not him and he has his reasons why he won`t just hand himself in .

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