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Tim Radford

I think the two governments involved has a cause for concern in that Gary is holding information to play as a final card.If it comes to trial in the US (which is still not certain),then that would be his time to reveal extra information that could work in his defence.None the less i can fully understand his fears of extradition and what may occure behind the scenes and away from the public eye.


It is beyond belief what this so-called uper power Goliath are doing to Gary, a vulnerable young man with Aspergers. It is a JOKE if it wasn't so serious for Gary. It is like taking a sledgehammer to a flea----an analogy, but meant as no offeense to Gary

gary is a FOLK HERO. His concern for the elderly, regarding trying to find out about secret 'free energy' from UFOs, he managed on a very slow computer to hack into the Big Brothers VERY 'powerful' computer! WOW!!!! but hey, like Chrissie in the video above says--the fact that their 'powerful' computers had crap security systems, "more fool them". Don't crucify the little guy because of your massive incompetance

If the U.S. goes through with this it will be even MORE of a fool than its been about this case which sould have been forgotten about years ago. And be glad to be inspired to get better security

Uan  Mee

The American government is not incompetent just controlled.

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