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How utterly pathetic that 'big shot' U.S of A is going to all this trouble to persecute one small individual who it is obvious was simply a young curious man finding it a doddle to slip through their ludicrous security

David and Goliath got NUTHIN on this!

Gary for me is a true folk hero who with a dodgy computer managed to discover evidence of UFO/advanced technological knowledge.

Unlike many other countries the rusting giant, America, still meanly clings onto its UFO files, but the truth will out, and Gary contributed to outing this truth!

THANKYOU Gary :)))

I truly hope a European sense of justice will help our Gary, because sniveling little UK (the same who backed the U.S. in war crimes) surely has let one of their own down BIG time!!!

Purple Crow

Who let Gary into the government files in the first place? The government officials and their BLANK password Windows XP "security". If anything Gary and anyone else who walks through their OPEN DOORS was set up! There is no "air tight security" regarding UFO documents anymore. It's all out in the public in almost every major country except the USA... and this Gary McKinnon case just proves how idiotic the USA really is about everything, especially when they are clearly on the way out. Pathetic attempt to "make an example" of Gary when they'll only be making an ever BIGGER example of their OWN stupidity and/or tactics against truth-seekers who all want an end to the LIES. We KNOW UFOs and ETs are real. End the lies now! FULL Disclosure and FULL planetary recovery now! Bring on the interplanetary police - enough with this useless pointless ET/human cold war.

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