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Purple Crow

Regarding: 7). INCONSISTANT SHADOWS (And what was left out of this report)

[Purple Crow notes a huge flaw with this one example: Above and below photographs are opposites and contradict each other as "evidence". In the photo above, the shadow of the man farther away from the light source is SHORTER than the man closer to the light source where as below it is the exact opposite, meaning, the ground actually raises up a little behind the astronauts... and you'll note that this is true as evidenced by the change in brightness behind them to a brighter hue where more light actually hits the raised ground.]

Amazing! Perfect except for one major flaw (noted above by myself, Purple Crow). I look forward to the release of Kubrick's unreleased Eyes Wide Shut however that comes about, even the promotional material mentioned that never made it to the final cut as mentioned before here, and of course his name finally being credited for the fuzzy, distorted, shaky production of the Apollo 11 moon landing (best way to hide editing markers and stage settings is to fuzz everything up a bit anyway, and old TV broadcasts do that very well, don't they? Still photos are even easier to "sanitize"... although we all know about those flaws going public more and more.)

Rockets are STILL "The best we've got" after all these years? COME ON! I'm not buying it any more.

NASA: Never A Straight Answer. Friends of Aleister Crowley (33rd degree Freemason), Jack Parsons (JPL) and L Ron Hubbard. NAZI Vril craft and the CIA's "Project: Paper clip". The only astronauts to DIE mysteriously during the training for Apollo 11 were NON-Freemasons ... All just a coincidence, I'm sure.

I'm sure casting known Scientologist Tom Cruise for Eyes Wide Shut was Stanley's bit of "Tongue and cheek" for the most aware of his fans.

Art Bell's Area 51 caller: "...These beings are something that an earlier precursor of of the space program have been in contact with... They are not what they claim to be!" (Ask me for the audio and transcripts if you wish the entire original report again)

Evidence of ET and/or our OWN secret technology?:

It's all coming clear every day more and more, isn't it?

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