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Andy, thanks for your bravery and unbelievable articulation of your experience. You've made a great contribution to those trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Liara Covert

It takes courage to go against mainstream thought of a given era. Institutions are founded on what collective authorities decide to project as truth. When institutions are challenged, and that includes; government, Science, the Church or any other symbol of similar nature, its understandable they do not readily embrace or accept change. This is because authorities are often guided by ego. When ego is in charge, it creates the illusion of superiority and rationalizes control measures which are unjustified by the higher self.

To authorities, Andrew's pioneering work represents the prospect of a loss of power, face, pride, money and control of info and technology they would prefer not to lose. This dialogue is long-overdue. Details raised invite serious self-questioning about the fundamental basis for beliefs. The prospect of new awareness and understanding of less-than supportive beliefs encourages people to look to what pioneers tend to experience as they face institutions in society.

Regardless of your view on Mars at this moment, fear is at the core of less-than supportive beliefs. This could be fear that you are infinitely powerful, fear that your previous thought are mistaken, fear of embarrassment, of external disproval, fear of something you are not consciously ready or willing to acknowledge. Fear also brings a person to some level of mental security. Ironically, fear is what limits a person, what rationalizes positions, attitudes and promises tht prevent you from acknowledging your inner power to perceive truths.

Jack Sheppard

Well done Jessica, also well written and presented by exopolitics.The video is so important.

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