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Purple Crow,

I will go with you as to what you said "The Truth will come out one way or another".

And for sure it will, the rest of yo can't prove no bludclat. Negative Minds never prosper always despair and you will never get anywhere seen??

Expand your minds "stop stayin in da box yo" and get a better positive life than you have now as its 2 short.

Gary mate am here to support yeah the way i can within the powers i have' you are a smart man. Don't let the system break you cos it's all S@%T.

Let the War begin between Reality and False Reality that is made up by those who know as they are in the box.

watch out those who think they can control' its almost dead and buried your system of false reality and manipulation. " Time is over " for the negative minded human souls and those others too they know who they are.

We do not fear you any more.

Purple Crow

Gary has more support than his critics ever will, they are jealous of his actual physical work and skills, let alone the truth Gary has exposed to the world along with hundreds of thousands of others before him.

The truth will come out one way or the other.

And anyone who wishes water-boarding on anyone else is a militant NAZI, plain and simple. They deserve to have whatever they wish upon someone else happen to themselves. Cosmic law comes swiftly to the obvious.


Yeah kick a man when he is down 'Zeeboo'--you who hide behind a silly name, and most likely wouldn't say boo to a goose and conforms to all authority talls him to do

The fact is that gary is a folk hero. Using a pathetic computer he managed to confound the most powerful security in thw world, but NOT for any wrong reasons, but out of curiousity about the NOW very much talked about and some say know fact, that the powers that be over there are sitting on advanced technology that could liberate the WORLD!!

If you call that an 'asswipe' dude I would rather recommend you look at who is callin it. Ie., look in the mirror. Though I dont make a habit of calling other people that

Zeeboo Boozee

But then again, if he hadn't committed computer breaking and entering we wouldn't be having this discussion, would we? Those Americans are a funny sort of people. For some reason they don't like it when some asswipe breaks into their house, car, computer, etc. Maybe this "autistic computer expert" is the same shitbag that has written the viruses and malware that I've had to deal with. I hope they waterboard him to death.

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