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It's actually a decision, not a resolution. Anyway, the decision is also referred to in the indices of the document.

Annex III -- Index of Resolutions and Decisions
on page 259 (PDF 264) item No. 126

Annex IV -- Check List of Resolutions and Decisions
on page 271 (PDF 276) item No. 126, 87th plenary meeting, adopted 18th Dec 1978, points to document page 237 (PDF 242)


The resolution is in the Supplement No. 45. The link to it is located at the top of the page which currently lists the resolutions. See page 242 in PDF:


Devin Cowart

I'm about to write the petition to have this occur.

Benito Jimenez-Sauma

Resolutions of the UN could be easily find in the UN website, but the text above is a "decision", not a "resolution". "Decisions" are not available in electronic form, only in printed form. In the UN system (in NY), "Decisions" have a lower standing that "Resolutions", and generally are used to state administrative arrangements.

Joe Lauria

The UN General Assembly only passed 206 resolutions in 1978. There is no resolution 426. and someone said it was 33/45 but that deals with decolonization in Africa. This is a hoax.


Yes there is a trace of this resolution


Rectification : sorry, the resolution 33/426 is on the next page ! (confused)


I was checking on the document quoted resolution 33/426 does not appear (censorship?). Page 236 of the document, we pass the resolution of 33/404 with resolution 33/427 (English language version)...

K.Aa.Naicker (Denmark)

I noteced later that you have to go through the UN own webpage to be able to see the document. I guess because of security: www.un.org -> press "welcome" -> in the box named "Resources and Services" click "Dokuments" -> then in the search box enter the dokument reference number, which is "A/33/45". -> Then you will come to a page where you chose your language, in my case click "English". Then it shows up in pdf-format... Good reading! Again the topic 33/426 is located on page 237 of the document and perhaps also other places - the system of the dokument is a little confusing at first... but see in the back of the document for the index. God bless


You can see for yourselves.
Page 243 if you use pdf's own pagenumber counter and page 237 if you look after the pagenumber that is printed on the UN-pagers pages...

Its all there all of it. Not misinformation at all!!


Yes there is a trace of this resolution: Thank God!!!


You cant hide it forever people - stop trying...?


No trace of this resolution 33/426 on the UN website. Pure invention? disinformation?

CERPA Marseille

The truth !

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