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Hi... I know both of them

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Hi... I know both of them... I also trust both of them very much.. imo it is a shame they do not work together....They both are gifted and very very good at what they do..

I believe also if they decide to ever cooperate only good things will come from it.

Doing a similar thing from different angles is a beautiful thing imo..

I wish them All the best..and righteous bitterness only hurts oneself not the other..I know

Michael Tuck


Oates you are an ass.
Jon Kelly has got you again.
His superior intellect is so out of your league.
His genius is only to be envied by you for the rest of your life,
it might just eat you up inside.

I myself in all the years I have known Jon Kelly, have never known him to be wrong in his work.

Jon's therapy session HEAL LIVES.

I personally read your book, oates, and I felt you did not know what you are talking about.
Oates, your obsession with your c*ck is apparent in your...ahemmm,,,,"work".

Terese Johnson

This is an example of what happens when the analyst working with the reversed material becomes too attached to what a purported messages states.

I agree with Mr. Oates that the word that Mr. Kelly puts forwards as 'saucers' is clearly not up to standards in regards to checkpoints and validity factors, failing miserably so.

What CAN be heard clearly, and in my opinion does meet the checkpoints (though the 's' is nearly silent), is 'know(s) power of alien'. While this MAY support Mr. Kelly's interpretation it MAY NOT. It may instead refer to aliens of the terrestrial kind - possibly referring to the selling off of America that is currently happening at an alarming rate. The number of bankers and ex-bankers being appointed to Obama's team makes this prospect even more chillingly real.

Jon, please be more careful in what you choose to document - you are gifted, don't lose your reputation over powerful attachments. And David, please be more focused on what should be documented and less on discrediting an old nemesis, however 'respectfully' done.

Reverse Speech is a powerful method to get at the truth of things, it is up to those with the experience and talent to analyze it to work together to prove its valid worth and have the messages received, not fought over.

Sincerely, Terese Johnson
Certified Reverse Speech Investigator, Analyst, Master Practitioner and Trainer.
14+ years experience.

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