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Steele Braden

Dear Dimitris, I am a retired electronics engineer. I would like to send you a short "essay" I have put together on a probable method of flying saucer lift/propulsion for your comments.
Your email address would be appreciated for this.


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11th september 2004 mod burghfield reading berks England, 7 o,clock morning, This sighting by my wife and i has never been investigated, Is there a UFO investigator on this planet that has any contacts? How many ways are there to find this evidence? and no im not having a dig at anyone, im just so frustrated that theres all kinds of ways to find this video evidence yet it still eludes the UFO experts,How is this? PLEASE HELP,


So if one has to make a leap of faith into the outer space UFO universe , as a pararadigm shift kind of logic , rather than endorsing a "seeing is believing" one , then, strong incentives must be presented for general consciousness to want to follow.
Incentives such as hope in better technology for our planet etc ... a better future , another realm that is more beneficial...
UFO believers and philosophers should be the ones initiating this discourse and the benefits of it , rather than relying on people to make the shift by themselves . Make people want to believe and they will believe .

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