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George LoBuono

The question of "diplomacy" in human-alien interactions

Human-alien interactions are common and ongoing. Indeed, the thesis of my next book (After Contact and Conflict) is that such interactions are the norm, not the exception, among our neighbors. But what KIND of interactions? Do our neighbors openly invite heavy-handed, uninvited technological semi-occupation by one heavy industrial alien group into their worlds? Common sense suggests no, of course not. There's an organic derivative of law, whether it’s written or not, whether acknowledged by one offending alien population or not. It's explicit in the universal ecology. All peoples must be careful about who approaches them.

The norm for alien interactions is a mixed community of interactions. Human neophytes sometimes think, or want to think, that it's okay to just open your skies to heavy industrial, agenda-minded alien incursions and let them descend to do as they choose---after all, they're more advanced technologically, therefore they must know best, goes such thinking. But if and when readers pay close attention to the well-phrased, very thoughtful accounts of any and all of our native neighbors (gray alignment aliens—grays, Nordics, Pleiadians, Semitics, gray hybrids like those who crashed at Roswell aren’t native to our galaxy), readers begin to notice that such populations welcome the universal mindedness of mixed alien community of mind and at least some interactions via mind-communications. However, few if any of our neighbors think it's safe to allow heavy incursions, direct intrusions of other alien societies into their skies. That is thought to be dangerous.

So, when talking about human diplomacy we need to specific. Diplomacy is reserved for recognized representatives who are in direct, open consultation with their peoples. Diplomacy isn't a role arrogated by individuals who think they always have the best interests of a people in mind. Instead, diplomacy is only valid when the process is open and involves legitimate representation. Diplomacy refers to the representation of a people's formal or delegated governmental auspices, or authority. The typical human contactee has no direct communications with human governments about a "diplomatic" role. Human governments haven't yet risen to the existing, contemporary inter-stellar standard of honesty about aliens in an inhabited universe. Therefore, diplomacy isn't the correct word to describe what typically occurs between a contactee and an alien, or aliens.

There is one complication in this, at present. Human governments aren't composed along the lines of equality, either economically or socially, while alien societies almost universally are, or at least try to formulate themselves as being aware of larger social wholes. The more evolved, alien kind of citizenship is one that’s universal in a society, where it isn't so much a matter of top-of-a-pyramid "authority" and control, but rather is one of involvement, shared government and directly involved citizenship rather than elite-nominated citizenship. Nonetheless, there are authorities in alien societies, aliens who may cut an alien off or limit his/her interactions if an alien violates certain life-and-death safeguards.

So, contactees may feel as though human government isn't legitimate, according to alien standards, but it is, nonetheless government. The temptation for some is to assume that their new experience, their awareness of aliens' more equalitarian norms allows a given human to speak for humankind--as a kind of advanced-case diplomat, but do such people actually represent humankind? No, they can't possibly do so when no human government openly acknowledges the existence, let alone the policy and political character of aliens.

Is that fair? No, it isn't. We need to have people actively exploring and querying, investigating and carefully communicating with aliens, but there are real dangers out there to be mindful of. Our very own, nearby alien neighbors have apparently chosen to not allow mass incursion, alien buzzing of their skies (intended to impress unsuspecting humans) by other aliens in advanced craft. Would your nation invite the Chinese to fly over at any time, provided they don't land or openly occupy your soil? Obviously not. That would tempt the Chinese to exercise some control over your skies. Before long, they might presume to limit and determine your international relations, your commerce and your contacts. It would be dangerously naive to expect that aliens are any different in that regard.

The Chinese would also be incompetent were they to allow United States craft or drones to buzz their skies. It's a simple matter of self-determination, responsibility and the necessary development of a peoples' educated awareness of their circumstance. Humans and aliens must patrol and monitor their surroundings.

So, when Steven Greer profits by openly inviting aliens to buzz a paying, supposedly "diplomatic" group whose only qualifications are having paid $2300 or more for a view of aliens and alien craft, does that rate as real human diplomacy? Of course not. Greer hasn't even bothered to query or elucidate the history, policy and origins of the given aliens. Perhaps it makes him feel good to be the man standing in the spotlight when an alien craft descends, Greer in the center of an alien ship's glow, but where's the real stuff of diplomacy---detailed reports about the internal dynamics, the disposition and history, the demands and or wants of those same aliens?

Rather than be specific, Greer tends to speak in terms of his understanding of God and an alien role in a larger kind of consciousness. That's an important kind of consideration but it isn't diplomacy. Diplomacy is a formal role between peoples and involves open consultation, review, and reporting to both peoples. Obviously, human governments have chosen to ignore a vital reality. Their default has become dangerous to this planet, at this time, because events proceed apace nonetheless, without adequate analysis and discussion. We are literally under a kind of semi-occupation by a busy, potentially aggressive and materially motivated group of aliens: those aliens affiliated with so-called "grays" and the other aliens of their reported alignment. Researcher agree about this, although we tend to quibble over our interpretation of such facts.

Absent minimal, careful reporting to humankind--look at the dissembled mess that our reports are--absent careful reportage, we’re extremely vulnerable. There are reports of abductions, fatalities, taking of positions on planets near us, and a possible infiltration phase pursuant to genetic manipulation on a mass scale. And what is that all about?

That's a subject for formal, mass consideration on this planet, but due to corruption and a technically non-competent kind of elite social order on this planet, human governments can't agree with, or acknowledge the existing contemporary standard of all alien worlds: open, informed discussion of such subjects. Human governments think that ignorance is the best policy.

In my case, I've interacted with aliens for years but have never once claimed to represent humankind. Instead, I've openly stated that I'm an investigative researcher, I will report as much as I learn to other humans—whether it be complimentary or not. I don’t ignore ugly or disturbing details. I never pretend to represent human government(s), although the subject of larger human identity is very much a part of all such discussions. There are many important distinctions to be made within that same context, but my interactions can't be called diplomacy. To say that would be like wearing a Burger King crown and pretending to represent a given city.

We, on this planet, are still working on creating an awareness that will provoke enough people to demand honesty of their governments. We haven't arrived there yet. In view of that, we need to be more careful when discussing the notion of diplomacy. Otherwise, we dissemble into a babble of competing, often unscientific pretenders, each claiming to be a real diplomat regarding aliens. Imagine what happens when some on this planet say that yes, they represent humankind and truly want an abducting, materially motivated group of aliens to land here and operate more freely.

Would our neighbors do that? Or would they opt for more narrowly channeled physical relations and a healthy distance, a protective cordon in their skies to prevent unwanted taking of their resources, occupation of their surroundings, and direct manipulation of their people?

Isn't the answer to that question most obvious?

Which brings us back to the subject of human-alien communications. In a book I'm currently writing, I pose that our first challenge is to develop concepts and communications norms to more adequately equal the fast shifts of consciousness and more finely textured physics and relationships that our alien neighbors have already begun upon. But how does a typical person even begin on that? Does he or she have to resort to contacting an intrusive, potentially dangerous alignment of aliens now in our near vicinity?

No. The easiest, more productive place to begin is your very own back yard. Animal consciousness knows no barriers to the fast shifts of consciousness and telepathic awareness that human physics and research programs have already proven to exist. In order to simply survive, animals feel into any and every kind of awareness that they can---with one exception: they must try to guise or limit their location when other animal predators are close. They must hide their nests, food supply and progeny. As math professor Barbara Shipman at the University of Rochester notes, honey bees do a pollen-locating dance for other bees that corresponds to what mathematicians call “the flag manifold,” an extra dimensional configuration. Lacking cognitive filters for such ideas, animals already use extra sensory perception. For example, just before the tsunami devastated Southeast Asia in December of 2004, dogs tugged their owners uphill and elephants picked people up and carried them to higher ground—before the tsunami was even visible.

Lacking conceptual blocks to such awareness, animals can expand their consciousness and feel into places that direct, line of sight vision cannot. Your best place to begin on sensing such consciousness is the smallest, the very smallest birds in your back yard, the finches or hummingbirds, for example. Here’s how to do so. Feed them and place clean water for them to drink. Place bird seeds for them to feed on ($5 for a big sack that lasts 6 months), and whenever you go outside to either fill or check on the food they will quickly be aware of your presence. You're regarded as friendly---after all, what could be more supportive than providing for their survival (besides respecting and committing to the planet's resonant ecology, that is)?

Animal communications are easily possible, but you must remember that they don't use words or your kind of "language." Instead, animals communicate ideas and a more subtle kind of pictorial notion. Your pet dog or cat may do the same with you. Some people pick up on it, and when you respond the animal takes it in stride---your pet can't bark out Aha! or a verbal statement. The reason I suggest small birds is because, if you want to feel into their kind of non-verbal communications, you must remember: they move more quickly, their hearts beat much more rapidly and that translates into much faster, albeit more subtle shifts of consciousness. Those fast shifts of consciousness and concept are much closer to the alien standard of thought and communications--for many reasons (information density, rapidity, subtlety and the ability to simultaneously be aware of other individuals and/or group communications).

A small bird can sculpt and focus, dim or soften its second depth communications to you--the idea seems to be to not broadcast it to competitor bird species or predators. At first, their communications may elude you. They whistle or chirp to each other in a way that appears to be more a signal to pay attention to the finer, information-packed second depth (telepathic) communications that their brains are clearly capable of. They actually feel a kind of emotion (nurturing love, closeness, appreciation and gratitude, and a sense of community). Why do small birds gather together on wires to share that last, fading warmth of the sun's rays? For the same reasons you gather with other humans. In that respect, birds are more social than humans---they gather more often. And how do birds communicate that an entire flock will shift direction in flight? If you think about it, it's like what dolphins reportedly do. They inflate their awareness into that second depth, a kind of telepathic sharing, and the entire group can pick up on it—all at the same time. While flying with their kind, they feel safer to do so, hence the communication may be slightly amplified for the group.

And if you feed small birds, then reach out with your thoughts to rapidly communicate the pictorial thoughts, ideas of your care for them, your food, your awareness, don't be surprised to hear what are essentially your little bird friends chirping either to you, along with fast-burst ideas or chirping to their mates that you, the provider and believe-it-or-not, bird-aware human, is stepping outside. The first test you must pass with small birds is to know that they are often chased away by jays or other larger birds. In order to watch out for each other, they tend to stick together. You'll have to listen for the small chatter of that smaller-sized bird community. And if you’re sympathetic, they will recognize that.

But why talk about birds, here? Because by practicing with birds, by learning to pick up on their fast shifts of consciousness, you'll be much more competent to interact with aliens in order to understand their more condensed, fast impulse kind of thinking. Remember, aliens don't necessarily begin with the human, mammalian idea of consciousness. Don't assume that the slow, rolling motions and physical impulses of a chimpanzee (an old human imprint) are either the model or the assumption of an entirely alien population. The truth is, birds are much closer to an alien kind of rapidity, subtlety, even if the larger bones and frame or physical gestures of an alien body may seem to align with our simian notion.

Aliens learn from other species. They “talk” about a deeper, finer kind of conversation with the nature around them. They can learn to shift, or essentially divide their nerve impulses into the much deeper, much faster yet slighter universal whole---which is a fractional awareness rather than the old, essentially primitive human notion of being surrounded by whole-numbered, concrete individual objects. Ever communicate with an alien?

No doubt you noticed that they will never reduce their awareness to just the chatter between you and them. They always leave it open to larger awareness---either their group or possibly larger. They know that there's a kind of cross-exchange on a larger, yet finer and deeper scale. The best aliens know that such awareness (a kind of looking back at, or through them) can far exceed their species bounds.

By practicing with small birds, you may also learn to sculpt and contour your awareness, or at least be aware that all "listeners" aren't necessarily altruistic and in agreement with your principles. It's rather liberating and profound to see that supposedly small-brained birds can be so fast, can pack so much detail (location, intensity, familiarity and collegiality, food concerns, survival, family, weather, even sentience) into very fast bursts of communication. You have to listen without presumption.

You have to do the same with aliens. To even begin to communicate with your actual, native alien neighbors of this galaxy, you must first be able to see beyond and communicate outside the bounds of the gray alien alignment that is currently intervening here. Our neighbors are open to communications with humans, but you must first be able to merge the details into a higher kind of plasmic awareness, a smoothly yet greatly expanded envelope of energy that isn't made of human words and textbook phrasing.

You can communicate great depth and detail, as such, without even reducing the exchange to the slowed, obfuscating terms of materially or hegemony-minded gray alignment aliens. Some readers may think, no---grays have NO material, only altruistic motives here. After all, they're aliens---with more advanced technology. But how do they make that technology? With materials, using information sometimes gleaned from other, unsuspecting societies. They must mine metals, minerals and more. They must farm other materials. They must guard and protect their operations of the sort because there are other alien competitors.

Do you really think grays and their associates don't do drills, don't have alerts, and don't even bother to report on and be vigilant re: the presence of aliens who aren't part of their alignment (i.e. all of our native neighbors)? They are required to be on alert in such cases. And that kind of mentality doesn't translate to gray alignment agreement that you should communicate with, and learn from, your native alien neighbors. Instead, the gray alignment prefers to limit you to its subordinates.

We were talking about diplomacy, or the move toward a human awareness that will allow for real, meaningful diplomacy...

Alfred Webre

Michael - Thank you for that insight, which I explored in a recent article at:


EXOPOLITICS MEDIA NOTE: ET/UFO "Disclosure" and the post 2011-2012 future of human-Extraterrestrial Relations

LARRYKING-STEPHENVILLE VANCOUVER, B.C. - THE YEAR 2008 has been, from one perspective, an extradordinary year for UFO/ET Disclosure. Triggered by the January 8, 2008 Stephenville, TX sightings, U.S. Naval Intelligence reportedly began coordinating a series of off-the-record meetings of high level briefings on the ET presence at the United Nations and in Europe for diplomats and military attaches. The Federal Aviation Administration may have overruled a top level security committee and released a massive radar report that confirmed that a craft measuring between 524 and 1048 feet overflew the Texas White House unopposed on January 8, 2008.

On May 13, 2008, the 91st anniversary of the May 13, 1917 Fatima UFO sighting and the first major Vatican Extraterrestrial cover-up, the Vatican official newspaper L'Osservatore Romano published an interview with the Jesuit Chief of the Vatican Observatory stating that "Extraterrestrials are our Brothers."

The next day, On May 14, 2008, - Israel's 60th anniversary - the U.K. Ministry of Defence executed a massive document dump of previously secret UFO/ET files, with no context or explanation. On Oct. 20, 2008, the UK Ministry of Defence released 19 more secret files, and ABC Nightline News broadcast a TV news segment suggesting a state of ongoing hostilities between Extraterrestrials and UK and USA armed forces.

There are unsettling aspects to these developments, which suggest that an integrated Disclosure Management Psyops may be underway in 2008. For one, rather than welcome transparency in its own space fleet, U.S. Naval Intelligence has aggressively sought extradition and incarceration (70 years) of UFO researcher Gary McKinnon for his revealing the existence of a U.S. Navy space fleet and non-terrestrial officers. The U.S. Navy operates HAARP, the space-based weapon of mass-destruction, and carried out genocidal environmental warfare attacks in the Myanmar cyclone of May 3, 2008 and the China earthquake of May 12, 2008 whose casualties totaled more than the 140,000 civilians genocided at Hiroshima. Moreover, the 524-1048 foot "Spacecraft" which overflew Stephenville, TX and the Texas White House (unopposed) - we learn from the radar reports and the actual law enforcement sighting reports- has more the characteristics of an Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV) or a Treaty Extraterrerial Vehicle (TEV) that an upperdimensional, ethical Extraterrerial bioconscious Lightship.

Many in the E.T.-sensitive community (recent polls now suggest that fully 48% of U.S. adults believe Extraterrestrial civilizations are visiting Earth) may find it disheartening to learn that an orwellian "New World Order Disclosure Management Psyops, apparently coordinated by U.S. Naval Intelligence may be underway. One may legitimately ask: Why would the present world military-intelligence power structure (AKA the permanent war economy) be expending a $1.5 trillion dollar/year Black Budget Psyops to pretend they are "Disclosing."

Disclosure Management vs. Transparent, Inter-active Contact

The power-oriented civilization behind the 2008 Disclosure Management Psyops does not represent the future of human civilization. That civilization - which we call the "permanent war economy" - represents a species of human consciousness which is destined to become extinct during the emergence of transparent, interactive contact between our Earth and ethical advanced Extraterrestrial civilizations surrounding and following alignment during the period 2011-2012 with the gigantic Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, 23,000 light years from Earth, and 4000 as heavy as our Sun. As our Earth approaches alignment with the Black Hole, time as a dimension accelerates and human consciousness stratifies into two domains or dimensions. For polarity's sake, we can call these two domains "Fear & Contraction" and "Love & Expansion".

During this post 2011-2012 transitional period we are entering, Exopolitics - the new political science of outer space - and Exo-consciousness - humanity's emerging Extraterrestrial consciousness - will establish the platform for transparent and inter-active contact between an emerging human civilization based on values of sustainability, Universality, cosmic Love and advanced ethical Extraterrestrial civilizations.

Conversely, those humans and that civilization operating from Fear & Contraction, will dwindle on a deconstructing platform of permanent war, hierarchy, oppression, exploitation, manipulation and all of the hallmarks of our former civilization.

We now can see the motive for the 2008-9 Disclosure Management Psyops. It is part of an attempt to capture the collective mind in memes of fear and contraction that the Permanent War Economy ruled by the U.S./UK Military-Intelligence, the City of London Banking interests, the Vatican belief systems - in short the ancien regime that has kept humanity enslaved in a virtual Fear mentality for thousands of years - will continue. By setting up and controlling a faux Disclosure, then the permanent war economy can pin its hopes on controlling the future of human evolution and of ET contact.

Dr. Wernher von Braun, a whistleblower, warned that the final charade of the permanent war economy after the collapse of capitalism, would be first a a False War on Terror (via the False Flag Operation of 9/11); and finally a False War against the "Evil ETs."

The 2008-9 Disclosure Management Psyops is an introductory part of the "False War against the Evil ETs" that von Braun predicted. By exposing it to the light of day and to the knowing consciousness of our fellow humans and to the upper-dimensional Extraterrestrial civilizations, as we are doing now, we are disempowering and deconstructing it.

The Evolutionary Paradox - Macroshift from Breakdown to Breakthrough

At first glance, it may seem paradoxical and counter-intuitive that humanity is about to experience a great leap forward in consciousness, an end to our long quarantine from the rest of organized galactic life, and a collective entering into communion with other intelligent civilizations in our neighbouring dimensions.

After all, there is evidence of a massive species die-off on Earth; of genocidal programs for world depopulation through war, weapons such as HAARP, Depleted Uranium, weaponization of food, weaponization of the human genome; of deliberate implosion of the world economy and monetary system; of plans for potential mass induction concentration camps and martial law.

It is in the post 2011-2012 world that the crucial "Macroshift" phase of our human civilization from Breakdown to Breakthrough will occur - breakdown and breakthrough exist simultaneously - almost like competing dimensions of Fear & Contraction and Love & Expansion.

Post 2011-2012, the Paradox is resolving: Never underestimate the Gravity Power of our galactic Black Hole. The Mayans personalized her as "Hunab Ku."

Dr. Carl Calleman of the University of Washington and Researcher and author Barbara Hand Clow have developed a breakthrough matrix of interpretation that may well revolutionize the way we view the black holes that science has very recently confirmed exist at the center of most galaxies, including our own Milky Way Galaxy.

Barbara Hand Clow, in her extraordinary book The Mayan Code, has begun the integration of the science of black holes with Exopolitics, the new political science of outer space.

We will explore the impact of our galactic black hole on our Exopolitical circumstance and our Exoconsciousness grid in future articles and programs.

Post 2011-2012, the new Homo Universalis will emerge thanks to the conscious and time acceleration overpowering any entropic effect of "Homo Aggressus" (our former violent, manipulative "permanent war economy" human civilization) to sink humanity into eternal dis-integration.

Is transparent, interactive contact between advanced ethical Extraterrestrial civilizations possible and probable?

My answer is Yes!

With the public exposure of "Disclosure" as Psyops from the U.S. Navy Intelligence, the U.K. Ministry of Defence, the Vatican, and other millenial agencies of the ancien regime, transparent contact with ethical Extraterrestrials with emerge into our future time-space.

by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd is International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS) and author of EXOPOLITICS, POLITICS, GOVERNMENT AND LAW IN THE UNIVERSE (Universebooks). His program EXOPOLITICS RADIO is heard in over 77 countries and 492 cities worldwide

EXOPOLITICS.COM: http://www.exopolitics.com


Bob Oliver

Look to the movies which cme out of Hollywood for some verification of planetary worlds beyond Earth alone. Look to the skies with 3rd and 4th generation night vision goggles for additional proof that more is going on than we are being told. Conceed that ebverything we have been told was part of an endoctrination process to get us to believe a big, fat, gigantic, LIE. Know tht the truth is out there. Start making a major difference by thinking clobally and acting locally by creating local citizen alliance groups to deal with local political agendas head on.

Bob olivwer 831 383-2676

Michael Gintowt

I enjoyed your article. Allow me to play the role of "devil's advocate". Has anyone in the Exopolitical field considered the possibility that the "disclosures" that are regularly "leaked" may all be part of a set-up to create demand for disclosure, with the ultimate aim of disclosing a fearful scenario of ET incursion? (such as Carol Rosin reported Werner Von Braun's admission) The reason for this would be for an International Elite to make the final move, playing the ET card, and consolidate world domination. The vast majority of people would probably react to Disclosure with fear and confusion, despite the fact (or because of the fact) that most already believe in ET existence. Even if the allegations are true about a treaty with ETs, secret bases, alien technology being developed, MJ 12, and so on, I suspect that "Disclosure", gradual or otherwise, would only serve the purposes of the International Elite who seek the opportunity to unite the world, but in their profit and control mode of existence.

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