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Thank you for this very good article Alfred!. The pictures are amazing. Energy orbs are showing up more frequently every day. I hope Barack Obama will be an instrument of UFO disclosure, truth and peace in all the world.
*~ peace ~*


These orbs look like normal photographic phenomenon, caused by dust or other particles.


chris prince

perhaps obama is "keeping his enemies closer", time will tell. it would be interesting to check his lineage. are there ties to the black nobility as with all other presidents? is he a 33rd level freemason? why did obama call for the unilateral bombing of afganistan and pakistan when m'cain and bush did not? in any case either he is with them or he will be a target as was kennedy.

joab kunin

I have been getting photos of "orbs" like that on various digital shots in different places for years, i believe it to be peculiar to digital cameras or some sort of optical or flash phenomina, grease on lens or the like, I have too many of them in my photographs to think differently,


Check this out Mr 'i believe it to be peculiar to digital cameras or some sort of optical or flash phenomina, grease on lens or the like'



I dont need a goverment disclosure on the UFO question . I believe in the words of Edgar Mitchell , Gordon Cooper and my own visual encounter. The craft was somewhat egg shaped or ovid. It was white illuminated much like your computer screen white but brighter and round lights surounding it's rim (red , blue , yellow and green) and the size was about 3 to 4 gymnasiums and about 300 feet from me at a hieght of about 100 feet . Now i have "disclosed" to you,....will you believe ?.......You should because I just would not lie about something so important !.....peace be with you and dont panic


A photographic phenomenon? Then why did everybody get the same pictures from that night? Come on! You really have to believe in something other than what go's on in your tiny little daily life. The Universe is more complex then your little brain can fathom.. No disrespect but its the truth!

joab kunin

My little brain can fathom quite a bit, if everyone did indeed get the same pictures all the more reason to suspect atmospherics or refraction or something, are you telling me that i have photographed invisible orbs in ghetto birthday parties for infants, yes it is possible but, yet and still, i require more than circular effects on some photos, i am a believer, mostly just not convinced by this orb thing, and i am not aware that everybody got the same thing


The very fact that you photographed orbs at Ghetto birthday parties for infants is a clue to the orb phenomenon being Extra dimensional/spiritual beings. Orbs are caught on camera around kids because they are attracted to these pure unsullied energies and are very interested in the interaction of human children. It might be that they are 'dead' deceased relatives of the children wanting to be part of the celebration. Same can be said of the orbs at Grant park. Maybe they are extra dimensional.....and are infact souls!!


These are not extraterrestial. They are sand particles, thus reflecting in the light of the flash. Stand on any beach in the dark, in the wind, take a pic.

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