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James Gilliland

Ships come to the ECETI ranch, an internationally known ufo hotspot and are photographed and video taped on a regular basis. It is ongoing if you want the real story. Be well James Gilliland www.eceti.org

Joan  A. Bishop

Extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. If they had any unfriendly intentions, we would know it by now! They are actually advanced Beings, our relatives from the distant past. They are here in Peace and Friendship to assist us (with our permision) in these times of severe Polarity, and to prepare us to join the FEDERATION OF WORLDS - should we choose to do so.

Mexico, France, Germany and other countries are releasing their UFO files and photos without the BS that the "secret Govt" of the USA feels so necessary; (i.e, to keep us in Fear, and so under control). Pay no attention to their clumsy attemps to paint the ETs as "dangerous" and "evil". Be an Ambassador for Earth! Send Loving Greetings to our off-planet friends and relations - they will "hear" you. Now is the time to put childish fears and ignorance behind us and become Space Age ADULTS. Now is the time for PEACE ON EARTH!


Sure, some of the "aliens" are friendly.

But don't think for a minute EVERY single species is friendly.

We are not friendly at all.

And we live in the same neighborhood.

To think all aliens are benign is foolish at best and very naive.


Sure, some of the "aliens" are friendly.

But don't think for a minute EVERY single species is friendly.

We are not friendly at all.

And we live in the same neighborhood.

To think all aliens are benign is foolish at best and very naive.


Friendly or otherwise, we can be sure of the following: If aliens have been visiting, they don't want those visits to be revealed to the general public. Aliens are either cooperating with world governments in staying hidden, or they are staying hidden on their own (assuming they have been visiting). Revelation of alien existence will come when the aliens decide it is time to reveal themselves. Efforts to force revelation might be very dangerous for reasons we don't enderstand.


Good say Sir!
How are you today? Recently the
Army Intell released 60 million webpage's on
UFOs!We spoke once over the phone and I ask
you did something happened in washington.Mr.
Webre I've wrote a book concerning 1300 men
at Fort Benning Ga,taken or abducted by Alien
combat troops!! Importantly, the letter from
Army Intell UFO website's.Please call (619)
336-0461 or E-mail. Thanks JOHN

r mullins

If the ruling authority were to reveal data . The big losers would be the alein god worshipers, simply put the church,and 3 hundred thousand religions.Big money is behind denial.
Fact is they do exist, and do cross over from another demention. just like windows program, we can go to another , and another.
As a young boy my brother and i saw them , But what they were was a mystery, That was 1953, today we have alein movies with cloaked figures, Thats exactly what we saw. real but not real, see through figures and objects.
I wish someone would invent glasses to see them.
Holly wood has be telling us for years they were here. money is the big issue, what they do without ala. and god, and the twelve jesus gods.
I heard yesterday a minister talk about dementions in his sermon, they know the jig is almost up.

Will they release data, i would bet no. its hard for people to change their minds even if they know it is bs

Thankis for sharing. I witness

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