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Alfred Webre

Hi All - For the record, I was invited by Jeff Peckman, of the Extra Campaign (Denver) (http://www.extracampaign.org), who will be a guest on EXOPOLITICS RADIO (http://www.exopoliticsradio.com) on Saturday Aug. 23 at 8 PM PDT, to submit a written endorsement and video statement in connection with a Press Conference to be held by the Extra Campaign during the Democratic National Convention, which is also being held in Denver Aug 25-28.

I gladly have accepted this invitation, since I believe the Extra Campaign is a far-sighted and important initiative of citizen driven ET disclosure.

My Statement is at:

VIDEO: Statement of Alfred Webre in support of Denver ballot initiative for an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission



My observation is - as always - that positive initiatives, like the Extra Campaign, are like a mirror. Observers are actually looking in a mirror and describing what they see reflected back them.

If anyone would like to continue commentary on this thread, you can do so at:


With all best wishes, Alfred Webre

ps - Many thanks to Joseph Nemcik, who forwarded me a copy of James Black's email "Words without Meaning" commenting on my Statement, for otherwise I could not give you the full context of the Statement. I do not know either Joseph or James. My observation is that their actions are examples of the "Mirror Effect" of the Extra Campaign, with opposite (positive - Joseph and negative - James) outcomes.


This is my first time visiting exopolitics.blogs.com and i must say i like it very much.
Your post was an educationa read.
I will definetly check back here more often!


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