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Arthur Preston

I see no evidence of non ethical et's in this statement, save the ridiculous whistle blower who says that et's came thousands of light years to shop for some new threads, and a cheese burger. I am shocked that even made it into this. As for the abduction comm from an supposed et, have you never heard of melabs? They are spreading disinfo through co intel pro to prep the population for a false flag et invasion using arv's. I will have no part in this exercise because I believe it is part of the problem. I however do believe that there are treaties between et's and the gov that must be ended to usher in full disclosure.

Alfred Webre

Arthur - Hi! Thank you for your feedback, which is specious, as we discuss the Feb. 19, 1954 ethical Extraterrestrial meetings with Pres. Dwight Eisenhower.

Nor do you acknowledge that part of the statement which discusses Dr. Carol Rosin's testimony regarding Dr. Wernher von Braun's
warning re an ET false flag operation.

You seem to cavalierly dismiss the analysis of the Jan. 8, 08 Stephenville TX Disclosure Management Ops as PsyOps.

You do not bother to read or study references, even after private correspondence with you. Nor do you listen to the analysis in EXOPOLITICS RADIO regarding the false flag ET operations in 2008, which are fully referenced in this article.

Start by listening to EXOPOLITICS RADIO analysis:

This Week on EXOPOLITICS RADIO - EXOPOLITICS: 2008 ET Disclosure Update with Stephen Bassett - Part II; Is Stephenville an ET-Human Disclosure Management Ops? by Alfred Webre


And break out of the small box you are in.


I'm very interested in these matters,I believe that some of the elite are actually alien hybrids themselves.

Arthur Preston

I agree with like 80% of this statment, it is just the
Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny (One Team Publishing, 1988) 134, 136
Correspondence with Charles Hall
that I have issue with, the rest is great, and on point.
I was there for the first episode of exopolitics radio, and have listened to every episode, I may be one of your biggest fans Alfred. However I can not remain silent when I read something that does not ring true to me. I loved the Mt. Adams statement, and was at eceti probably listening to a lecture while you recorded it.

keep up the good work

Brian Hamby

My Earth Brothers and Sisters,

It is of no use to turn Galactic Freedom Day into a platform of whether ETs are good or bad. This no doubt is a large issue within the UFO community, and is an argument without end, at least until all is finally revealed.

The only purpose of Galactic Freedom Day is to direct focused positive energy in breaking secret bonds with respect to ETs.

If there are secret agreements with ETs and NWO humans, would we not want these to be broken?

If you do not believe that there are such agreements, then please direct your positive energy toward breaking the government secrecy surrounding UFOs.

Galactic Freedom Day neither promotes one belief over the other. It welcomes brothers and sisters of all beliefs, creeds and religions to send positive energy to break these secret bonds, whatever you may believe these to be. Participation does not obligate anyone to adopt the same beliefs with those who may think differently about this divisive issue.

Therefore, let us put down our armaments for one moment and unite in the common goal of ending the truth embargo on UFOs. We are each of us members of one planet and we need each other as we get closer to re joining the rest of the Galactic Community.

Brian C3 Hamby

Arthur Preston

love the last post, I and many others around the world be more than happy so set aside our difference of opinion about the ethical status of et in a positive meditation to end secret agreements between earth and et's. However only if some one officially involved in galactic freedom day made a change in their statement, leaving the ethics of et's open, rather than stating as fact that there are evil et's.

David Shewchuk

Well, at least someone is trying something. That much is good. Nonetheless, I have to echo the critique that there seems to be general conclusions being drawn about the nature of ETs and their motives. This seems to be counterproductive. There are so many layers of deception regarding ETs that it is very difficult to know which testimony represents real information. People can believe what they were told or thought they saw and still, in reality, be misleading (and misled). We definitely need more openness and honesty, less hype and fear, and manipulation and self serving agendas from all corners have to end. Given that, the "truth" will follow in due course.

David Blumenschein

I have been reading about the Galactic Federation's Prime Directive of (Non Interference). But what about Jesus Christ Sananda's law of LOVE & Compassion, and a loving mother and father's interfering in the lives of THEIR POOR CHILDREN, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE ???????????????????????????????

Alfred Webre

Galactic Freedom Day has nothing to do with the Manichean "Evil ET" meme that you are trying to project into Galactic Freedom Day, Arthur. No where in Galactic Freedom Day is the meme of "Evil ETs" at all mentioned or raised. You are the only person that is trying to project this meme onto Galactic Freedom Day, as kind of a consciousness wedge where none exists. In that sense, I see the meme that you have sought to introduce into Galactic Freedom Day as divisive and unproductive, as it is the result of your own projection onto the data.

Contactee Jim Sparks, whom I had the privilege of interviewing on EXOPOLITICS RADIO:


has stated that there are no evil ETs, they are only "different" Here is my review of Jim Sparks book, which appears on the cover of the latest edition.

"Jim Spark's THE KEEPERS is vetted by competent scholars like Dr. John Mack and Linda Moulton Howe, and reads like the anthropology field notes of a great discoverer. THE KEEPERS documents Spark's unique recall of an Extraterrestrial civilization's human genetic-farming and educational outreach (aka "Abduction") programs, as well as Sparks first hand witnessing of time travel teleportation technology (originally meant to solve humanity's urgent environmental problems) apparently transferred by the same ETs to the U.S. Government, which has misused it for military-political purposes. Speaking through THE KEEPERS, the ETs give us an important public policy message: Public disclosure and sharing in this vital ET technology can come about through a South Africa-style Truth Amnesty process covering the criminal acts accompanying the 60 year public embargo of this ET technology. THE KEEPERS is a work of importance to Exopolitics and to our human future."

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd Author, Exopolitics: Politics, Government And Law In The Universe. Host: EXOPOLITICS RADIO.

My own view is that False Flag ET operations are happening now, in the form of the 2008 Stephenville Disclosure Management Ops.

One hypothetical model we
are examining is the Jan 8, 2008 Stephenville event as an integrated
component in a larger ET-human 2008 Disclosure Management Ops,
involving Treaty Extraterrestrials (or ARVS), along the following timeline:


Jan. 8, 2008 (Elvis Presley's Birthday) - 524-1048 ft. UFO overfiles
Stephenville, TX and within 10 miles of Western White House

Feb 12-14, 2008 (Valentine's Day) - U.S. Naval Intelligence officer
Source A reports secret meeting of 40 high level UN personnel,
representing 28 nations (including Vatican rep and UK ambassador),
triggered by Stephenville event, discussing "new openness policy"
towards UFO/ET.

May 13, 2008 (Fatima Day) - Vatican Chief Astronomer reverses Vatican
policy of UFO coverup begun on May 13, 1917 at Fatima, Portugal UFO/ET
event, and publicly announces the "ET are our brothers" signaling
policy of new openness.

May 14, 2008 (Israel's 60th Anniversary) - As announced in May, 2007,
UK Ministry of Defence announces major UFO/ET "data dump" releasing
previously secret files without any narrative context.

July 4, 2008 (USA Independence Day) - MUFON releases Stephenville
Radar report based on FAA-radar FTW Antenna Chart showing Skin-Paint
Returns from 2.8 million data returns, establishing the existence of
an unknown craft 524-1048 ft in size on a direct path to the Western
White House, passing within a verified 10 mi. of the White House
without incident or resistance by the USAF.

Jan. 1, 2008 (New Years Day) - The timeline of this integrated Ops may
in fact include the Jan. 1, 2008 San Diego event with 9 UFO craft
which Paula Harris documented. There is some thought that the Jan. 1,
2008 event may be qualitatively different, may not not involve Treaty
ETs, and is not part of the 2008 ET-human Disclosure Management Ops.

As you know, there is strong evidence that the following events were
in fact environmental warfare attacks, triggered by HAARP, a
space-based evironmental weapon of mass destruction

May 3, 2008 - Myanmar Cyclone
May 12, 2008 - China Earthquake


There is a case to be made connecting the environmental weapons attack
with the Disclosure Management Ops, as an integrated "World
Management Scenario" alternating the controlled terror of weapons of
mass destruction with ET Disclosure Management along a Trojan Horse
scenario with Treaty ETs.

This model of the 2008 Stephenville Disclosure Management Ops starts
to approach what my colleague Dr. Carol Rosin, President of the
Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS)shared at the May 9, 2001
Disclosure Project Press Conference in terms of Dr. Wernher von
Braun's whistleblower revelation:

Phase I - A False War on Terror - Fulfilled by the False Flag
Operation of 9/11 and the Global War on Terror

Phase II - A False War against the Near Earth Objects - Attempts at
this are seen daily by prognostications of asteroids and meteors about
to hist Earth. Dr. Richard Boylan's recent prediction of a near earth
object hitting Earth in mid-November 2008 is an example of this.

Phase III - An "Invasion" of the ETs - The 2008 Stephenville
Disclosure Management Ops may be the initial phases of a longer term
Trojan Horse Ops using Treaty ETs or ARVs integrated with UN and other
State Actors to achieve New World Order political control objectives.
Analysts like Richard Hoagland believe that the scenario may involve
ARVs (Alien Reproduction Craft) piloted by humans).

Please understand that the above analysis is a hypothetical model, and
not yet a definitive analysis of what may be occuring in the 2008
Disclosure timeline.

Authentic Disclosure may in the end be citizen driven, not state
driven, and may involve upper dimensional ethical Extraterrestrial
civilizations, not Treaty Extraterrestrials (ETs who have entered into
secret agreements with existing terrestrial governments or
organizations). In this light, initiatives like 8-8-08 Galactic
Freedom Day, and The Denver Extra Campaign become of vital importance,
as avenues toward achieving genuine interactive relationships with
Extraterrestrial civilizations.

You can listen to an EXOPOLITICS RADIO commentary summarizing this
analysis at


UFO Master

You are a bunch of fruitcakes!

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