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Joseph Antaree

Hello, I'd like to add a short comment to this very important topic. I've been a contactee and channel for 34 years, and have practiced Kriya Yoga meditation as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda for 35 years. I am a member of the One World Family Commune, created by galactic channel Allen Michael. My realization is this:

Galactic Civilization exists in pure Christ Consciousness, total oneness in all ways, all microcosms united with and in Macrocosm-God. A cosmic civilization that exists in pure harmony throughout all the worlds of the Universe.

ALL this can be contacted in meditation. AND it must be grounded in unconditional selfless service to keep the channel open and flowing.

Direct spiritual contact with ETI space beings is a permanent, transforming experience. It connects us with the All-Knowing infinite reality that earth people call GOD - perfect union with the Grand Order of Deuteronomy is Humanity's destiny, and IT, the Universal Mind of cosmic consciousness, comes to be our wakened reality in blissful love-energy. The mortal mind of conditioned ego opens up and surrenders gratefully as the soul reunites with eternal Life in Christ Consciousness.

"God's spirit being poured out on all flesh" directed by galactic beings is raising human consciousness up to and through our world cosmic initiation, which is a quantum leap into eternity that transforms everything. This is not only causing the present world karmic cleansing, a necessity to go into the "Kingdom of God," It is also supplying the transcending energies on a daily basis that carry us through this tribulation.

What lies on the other side is pure Joy, a world of total sharing comes into being that doesn't use money. Absolute freedom, security and abundance for all people!

Joy, Peace and Laughter to you all,
Joseph Antaree

The Cosmic Detective

Greetings dear Alberto Cogliani (Nityanand),

Thanks much for the ‘deepalistically’ (not in any dictionary, yet) useful information in this article. Ain’t no doubt in my thinking that, in agreement with YOU, “The real future of Man lies in his most complete and divine identification with the Cosmic Self...” –TRUE Identity.

In reference to “Meditation is the key to this Re-Union.” - I think it is important to note, for the benefit of as much clarity as can be verbally expressed, that terminology/words are often insufficient to explain, for full understanding, the states of conscious awareness that individuals experience. Definitions and connotations for some words change in different chronological eras, and cultures. Sometimes in different ‘times’ and/or cultures the same word and/or state of conscious awareness will be associated with ‘bad’ or ‘good’ – desirable or undesirable. Specifically in regards to the techniques and methods described with the word ‘meditation’ and the state of conscious awareness associated with that word, some people have a predilection for ‘being there,’ i.e., there is the quite common experience for many people of being in a conscious state of “meditation” without any known word to decribe it, or any deliberate effort or conscious intention, especially children, with or without any psychotropic chemical intake. Wherein an individual experiences ‘altered states of consciousness’ and finds that one is transmitting and receiving communications with other life forms, from plants and animal to extraterrestrials to Spirit world Beings – and/or etheric body travel to other planets, galaxies, and dimensions of past or future time frames. Which in turn can be intensely pleasant and inner-taining, or confusing and downright scary when occurring ‘randomly.’ We might say ‘Self real-I-zation is the key.’

These states of conscious awareness attunement, being so ‘out of the ordinary,’ can likewise be interpreted across that spectrum, from pleasant fun to scary, even for individual seekers purposefully and intentionally employing various techniques and methods for activation of the brain’s/bio-computer’s potential capacity for higher frequency attunement – to Self-Awareness of Christ and Cosmic Consciousness.

It seem to me rather sad and unfortunate but, among ignorant people, or person, an individual in a beneficial altered state of meditation can, and have been ridiculed, scorned, or worst, for “day-dreaming” - and not paying attention to whatever “practically” useful task the ‘boss’ demands, or just the ignorant to downright mean and hateful might project.

In terms of “In both methods we achieve the Turiya state of consciousness, which is the key to get in touch with intelligent forms of life in the Universe and to travel to other dimensions.” It is often not necessary for a human to intentionally get in touch with other intelligent forms of life in the universe. Apparently other life forms have and do choose to use their key to get in touch with many of us, whether we consciously want to, like it or not. Some of the complexities of this matter are well documented in the published clinical works and findings of discarnate Dr. John Mack, from his tenure at Harvard University.

In regards to “Turiya state of Superconsciousness they can travel in time and space without any technology” – There is a considerable amount of documentation on and testimony about the US military manual for Remote Viewing, which was developed at Stanford University stemming from the demonstrated abilities of Ingo Swann, Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ with CIA funding, to, theoretically, teach anyone how to ethereally travel in time and space geographically to longitude and latitude points, and beyond…

Best regards,
Rama Demetrius Dyushambee, DD
Vishnu aspect
Aka: The Cosmic Detective – Cosmic D
Founder of & Minister for www.YOUtopiaINstitute.org

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