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Bridal lehengas

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Fear not that thy life shall come to an end

Vanessa Simonin

This is my first visit to your site! As a political scientist of the global political economy and exopolitics, what is immediately striking is the substantive content, and very professionally presented! Amazing website! I can't wait to dig in to this abundance :D THANK YOU!!

UGG Rainier

In 2012,there are some things in the world.I believe that will be the key to the London 2012 game.2012.Japan and Canada plan to make the transition in 2011, Britain in 2012 and China by 2015.India has entered negotiations to replace the Kyoto protocol, which expires in 2012, in the same spirit.

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Fear not that thy life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning.

Øystein Dyhre

I do not know if this will be noticed by anyone.I have some questions:
Is James Gilliland a trusted man in these circles?
And if so, would you be so kind as to test his brain activity while he is "meditating",or(and) when he is crossing worlds.
If his readings,rounded up, exceeds `15&%, then a lot of doubt could be erased.
If that is what we whant.
Solutions through eliminations.

Have a nice one.

Don`t excpect this to happen.
Love Santa Clause.

Cindy Ginart

I think the biggest truth about all of this is making the public aware of how their own mind sets the template for their personal and collective reality.
John Hagelin,Phd. says that .08% of a given population can effect a large area in terms of establishing peace and that really applies with anything.
We have an ability to tap into the walking, talking, transmitter-reciever that is us in a positive way, but, we have to be aware of where our minds go and how to direct them.
As that happens the world will become more peace oriented with it.

Steen Jakobsen

excellent videos! little or nothing is going on over here in dull Denmark, except we have chem/contrails in our skies frequent! I mention it to my fellow citizens, but they dont pay much attention to that and nothing in the radio or tv about it, they are buisy with local politics about danish and foreign couples are restricted from living together on danish soil together, they've been relocated to live in sweden legally and then they can travel long distance to their jobs in Copenhagen every day! It is our new right wing government since 2oo1. Denmark is only for Danish people!?! Foreigners living and working here and being married is very difficult, more details lately...

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