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Thank Your Article


great article! thanks for sharing. namaste.

Juan Kuri

Great essay!. There are many openings to Agharta, In Ecuador one is called "la cueva de los tallos" located in the amazon rain forest. An indigenous persons claims that he saw a very tall man, wearing a silver vest holding like a book of stone. This tall "man" said to him that in this "book" is recorded all the history of humankind, and it will be revealed to humans when it is time.
Also, this indigenous people says that when this cave was discovered, many US helicopters appeared and invaded the area by force, taking everything they found in those caves with them.

Charles B. Clark Jr.

Dear Sirs: Is this essay by Alberto Coglialni part of a book? If yes, how would I purchase the book? Thank you, Charles Clark Jr at [email protected]

Dean Sloan

The article by Alberto Cogliani (Nityanand) is filled with metaphysical truths that originate from, or are inspired by, the “Galactic Federation of Light,” the “Agartha Network,” and “Shamballa”-Center where the “will of God goes forth;” “Its mode of work is inspiration,” and here is re-initiating knowledge of “Divine Alchemy” and much truth that the Dark Side attempts to distort with bogus metaphysics and/or sci-fi fantasy via certain whistleblowers, insiders and abductees who present a very bleak picture (present & future) for humanity; the picture is overblown and distorted for the purpose of disempowerment, which continues their control.
Our Logos is known as the “Blue Logos” and “His children occultly resemble Him,”1 consequently, any contrary information regarding the color blue is strictly disinformation from agent provocateurs or brain-washed puppets. The color of space is indigo, not black. And to quote Alberto again: “Shamballa - Throughout time many names have been given to the Supreme Center from which all life is ‘inspired’ & ordered into activity. This is the zone of the Absolute. From this “Sacred Place” the triplicity of power (Will-Love-Intelligence) that is at the center or core of our heart, or the Heart of Solar System or the Galaxy, emanates” [in the light spectrum the foregoing “triplicity of power” is seen correspondingly as Red-Indigo-Yellow].

In the Light of the One!
Dean Sloan

1. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire: 1012.

Alberto Cogliani

The term King in this article is used to define the 'True Servant of all' and all this process mentioned has absolutely nothing to do with any form of enslavement. It is simply part of a re-unification process with our ancient family
inside our planet and on other planets.


This article sounds like an attempt to take us back to the days of Kings, Queens, and the Aristrocacy. We fought a revolution to get rid of just such things. I don't care if they are god himself I don't want anything to do with these "englightened" beings. It is just substituting George Bush for more tryanny. And for that matter without these beings I am evolving and enlightened with help from others who are not trying on a new enslavement process.

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