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Brad W.

What exactly was it that costs $700k to repair? Perhaps they had to spend that on fixing the gaping security holes that he exploited. I heard his story, the machines didn't even have passwords! Stupid government blaming others for their own fuckups.


Government ortganisations protecting our security have a moral right to keep their data secret. As a science fiction writer, I was once officially requested to modify one of my books which inadvertently contained information that I considered to be science fantasy, but was, in fact,too close to the truth for comfort. Some instances which I can mention as they are no longer classified include the codes at Bletchley, The fact that "stargate" technology exists and is being researched, and new materials being developed by changing quark properties enabling anti-matter to be created and stored. Things are happening out there which you and I could only dream of in our wildest fantasies. They are kept secret for good reasons. I hope McKinnon is not dealt with too harshly, as it seems he is naive rather than wicked. But I don't sympathise with him. I hope others pay heed and keep out of defence data-bases. We do not, and should not, have the right to know everything.

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