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subject:ET and Alternate Realities
I suspected the alternate realities man may experience consciously are natural and possibility old upon the planet.But this tech could also be a research spin off of et tech.Todays high tech meditation programs ,using sound to induce various states of consciousness is alive and well where I live.I was told that this mind altering media had its beginnings some where in ancient religious culture only much of the exposure to sound and the vibration it produced came from with in the mouths of men who experienced the alter conscious. Todays sound tech comes in tapes or cd,s.one just pops in to their cd player .Any thing could be under them as a controlling function even an alter presents ,but since subliminal can not be detected by ordinary means who knows .I believe great power can be obtained from such practice .Supposedly this is why the ancients kept it undercover .Any gifted man with access to this ability could easy become corrupt .Surely it would be a great test for him to resume such responsibility with out human fault .I believe evidents of such might be found in the many who may take up such involvement .With out mentioning any names I recall a guru who took up in western USA .Near the end of his stay People he took in and befriended lavished him with among other things,100 shinny new cars and by then he had probably accumulated assets worth millions from his possibly programed loving followers.I believe this technology has its merits in that It can reveal the truth .It is a process of exposing anything that lies deep in the human consciousness including any negative aspects of our selves or any thing we have guilt over.This frequently results in the inexperienced or unseasoned ,great personal confrontation ,central nervous system break downs, and as the ancients called it a straightening of the way.WE become exposed to our own faults by way of our own moral conscious selves .There is no room for any even the slightest evil or any guilt what so ever in this experience.
This would be a BIG set back to any one trying to keep wrong doing under wraps.
In this day and time a technology like this applied to say a realy bad corrupt cooperate criminal could probably have devastating permanent consequences for the exposed .We can hide from the media we can hide from the people we see and meet but we can not hide from our programed understanding of morality and how it relates to our selves and our worldly experiences.
I relate this exposure experience to the religious meaning of "judgment day"It hasn't any thing to do with a guy in a white rob condemning you for your sins but is all about you confronting your own definition of sins.
I believe IF I wanted to program a passive self defense mechanism into a self contained fully functional, walking, talking robot .I would program it to project this sound or vibration frequency that would prompt and provoke the attacker to assume with out his control a through self review of any guilt he contained. Certainly this could bring most modern militant types straight to their knees in great sobs of remorse.Perhaps ET is who introduced this tech to the ancient religions .I somehow wonder if vibration is what causes this phenomenon to occur since all things vibrate perhaps changing the speed of the physical vibration causes alternate realities to come into view .Though I do not represent them ,I live near 2 facilities currently researching the effects of vibration frequency and sound upon the mind .One specializes in out of body experiences. They are very public in their pursuits.One such facility is The Monroe Institute of Applied Science.(Who trades techs and works with the us government)The other is Synchronicity Foundation who is also open to the public on some level for little mini introductions .The full retreats are very expensive to attend.Experiences introduced by these facilities can be life changing events for the average human.The phone numbers for both these facilities are in the local phone book and the material (sound tracks)are for sale to the general inexperienced public.The heavy duty sound track programing is usually reserved for experienced people only and some even require
monitoring.I would have never believed specific frequencies could cause such alteration of the mind to the point of vivid hallucination's with physical side affects for the inexperienced.The proof is in actually experiencing this for your self because it is very difficult to explain with words as I have tried to do here .Forcing people to look at them selves can be devastating for some.I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of any evil who undergoes this experience .

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